Can Newsjacking Help Small Businesses Join the Larger Conversation? Looks at the Pros and Cons

Newsjacking can help businesses align their brand with current events with the goal of generating media exposure. While it is a useful technique when used correctly, newsjacking can come with some risks. With, businesses can utilize newsjacking to place themselves at the forefront of newsworthy events and provide commentary on important issues via press release distribution.

“Newsjacking is an effective way to inject a brand into a larger news story,” says Erik Rohrmann, COO at “It’s a useful PR tactic that can help move a brand forward, but there are some instances where it can come off disingenuous or inappropriate. The key is being self-aware and providing credible, accurate input without being too promotional.”

For example, in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA held its 2020 season in the “bubble,” an isolation zone designed to protect players and staff from the virus. In the bubble, no fans were permitted to enter, creating a stark difference in the environment from what the players were typically used to. Microsoft Teams used this opportunity to work with the NBA to showcase its “Together Mode” feature, using teleconferencing to virtually simulate the experience of a crowd in the stands. It was a new and innovative way to show off their new technology with a real use case and was successful in demonstrating the capabilities of their new software.

Newsjacking sometimes means businesses have to take a stance with certain discussions. Businesses should take care when approaching sensitive issues like race, gender, religion, global conflicts and natural disasters. Taking part in these discussions opens up companies to criticism; for some companies, it may be better to avoid hot topics completely.

Newsjacking takes finesse to pull off, but when done correctly, it can pay off.

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