California MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS Announce Winners for Year’s Best Music Videos and Films

California Music Video Awards Gold Medal

California Music Video Awards Gold Medal

TasteTV and the CALIFORNIA MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS are pleased to announce the winners of the 4th Annual awards competition. The winners were presented in a virtual awards show on March 30th on Facebook and on

This year’s competition was fierce, with a record number of entries of fantastic, creative and exciting music videos and short films. Entrants came from the United States and Canada, and from as far away as Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, India, and even Jakarta.

The CALIFORNIA MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS celebrate some of the most exciting and creative California-influenced music, musicians and artists. They honor great work and that California connection!

Due to COVID restrictions, this year’s event was unique in format. The CALIFORNIA MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS were all-digital and all-virtual. Viewers watched to see who won both on Facebook and on the CMVA awards site. Special award presenters included Xavier Toscano, Nathan Witte, Harrison Tinsley, Mavenne, and Rob Fitzgerald of Hip Video Promo.


Best Duet – WINNER: “Perfect Sense (Feat. Angus Murray)”, Ozan Fikri
Best Movement – WINNER: “Made It Look Easy”, Xavier Toscano, Adam Parmalee
Best Eye – WINNER: “Mothica – Blackout”, Ian Rowe, Mothica
Coolest Video Effects – WINNER: “Oo La La”, Frank Rogala
True California – WINNER: “TOM SAYS”, Alie Mac
Best Fashion and Makeup WINNER: “Twisted Dream”, Darren Stein, Christine Fox
Best EDM/Dance – VIEWER’S CHOICE WINNER: “Erasure: Nerves of Steel”, Brad Hammer, Tyler Stone, Neil Blanket
Best Hip Hop – VIEWER’S CHOICE WINNER: “First Day Back”, Stuart Summerville, Rebecca Malaret
Best Location or Set Design – WINNER: “Dominoes”, Joey Chavez, Adam Chavez
Best Folk or Country or Blues – VIEWER’S CHOICE WINNER: “Love & Rock N’ Roll”, Michael Everett, Michael Everett
Best LGBT: WINNER – “Aglow”, Jeremiah Gray , Ty Metcalfe
Best Pop – WINNER: “Shoulders”, Joe Laporte, Dave Liehn Frasier Glenn
Best Love Song – WINNER: “Friendly Neighborhood Poltergeist”, David Mace-Kaff, Lauren-ann Smith, David Mace-Kaff
This Rocks – WINNER: TIE: “Alpha Wolf – AKUDAMA”, Third Eye Visuals / “Lockdown”, David Petrucci
Best Animation – WINNER: “And Then It’s Over”, Evil Cat Land, Walter Santucci
Best Metal – VIEWER’S CHOICE WINNER: “The Life”, Rickey Bird Jr, Anthony Appello
Made Me Laugh/Humor – VIEWER’S CHOICE WINNER: “Red Blooded American”, Taina Rosa
Best Editing – WINNER: “Walk of Contrasts”, Max Masri, Chelsea Eng
Best Female Solo Artist – VIEWER’S CHOICE WINNER: “Sky Is Falling”, Jeremy Eichenbaum Jasmine Crowe
Best Directing – WINNER: “Oo La La”, Frank Rogala
Best Instrumental or Jazz – WINNER: “SYMBIOSIS”, Nacci Alberto
Best Rap – WINNER: “Nobody/Trust Nobody”, Daniel Osorio
Best Sci Fi Music Video – WINNER: “Noël & Jeremy – Red Light” (Official Music Video), Noël Ill
Best Foreign Language Music Video: WINNER: “My Sea”, Daniel Carneiro
Best Directing , Filmed at Home – WINNER: “Stars and Rabbit – Attic No. 7 (Live in Jakarta)”, Riva Pratama
Best Editing, Filmed at Home – WINNER: “Delirious (Confined)”, Brice Blanloeil, New Heart
Best Music Video, Filmed at Home – VIEWER’S CHOICE WINNER: “It’s Been A While Since I Went Outside”, Danielle Eva Schwob
Lyrics and Verse – WINNER: “Elodie Rêverie – Under the Radar”, Elodie Rêverie
The Trippy Award – WINNER: “Strange”, Jessica Mulder, Travis Pavur
Best Live or Studio Performance – WINNER: “Do You Think of Me?”, Donny Walker, Nikki Morgan
Best Inspirational Video – WINNER: “Brighter Days” (Official Music Video), Jamie Alimorad, Elizabeth Sim
Best World Music – WINNER: “UMEED”, Joydeep Sen Lal Bhatia, Imran Zaki
Best Solo Male Artist – VIEWER’S CHOICE WINNER: “I’m Still Dreaming” | Official videoclip, Jessyka Lapierre, Vega Musique –
Best Film or Doc, Any Length, Filmed at Home – WINNER: “LAG: A Zoomsical Comedy”, Haddon Kime, Ariel Fristoe, Lee Osorio
Best Mini Film or Doc – WINNER: “Temple: Its a Trash Life”, Troy Pierce
Best Short Film or Doc – WINNER: “The Revivalists: Made In Muscle Shoals”, Jay Sansone Morgan Young
Best Feature Film or Doc – WINNER / TIE: “Family song”, Caroline Pochon / “Insert, Eject: The Mormons Live at Cafe NELA, Peter Tintle”


The WORD Award

  • “Monday”, Craig Thomas, Marlee Williamson, Purposed Productions
  • “Social Media Addiction Rap”, Mari Rodriguez, Gianno Rodriguez, Sawyer Knieriem, Kapil Lad, Amazing Llanos, and Andy Lam
  • “The News”, Jonah S Oskow-Schoenbrod
  • “That’s Life (The Politician Speaks)”, Malcolm Solomon

The Peace Award

  • “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”, Karissma Sangaria Robinson, Phillip Solomon Stewart
  • “What Am I Afraid Of”, Calvin Kai Ku, Ken Newman
  • “I Need Hope”, Cyrus James Griffin, Paul G. Griffin, Alex “The Free Mind” Batres

The Social Justice and Hope Award

  • “All the Young Dudes”, William Stead, Cameron Greco
  • “Brighter Days” (Official Music Video), Jamie Alimorad, Elizabeth Sim
  • “You Are Gold – the Music Video”, Barbara Heller

The Breakout Storytellers Award

  • “Dominoes”, Joey Chavez, Adam Chavez
  • “Tumba Catimba”, Daniel Piñeros, Enrique Mendoza, Santiago Valencia
  • “The Life”, Rickey Bird Jr, Anthony Appello
  • “Friendly Neighborhood Poltergeist”, Lauren-ann Smith, David Mace-Kaff
  • “Planet Cozmo”, Jack Campise, Misha Maguire

The Spotlight Award

  • “Stars and Rabbit – Attic No. 7 (Live in Jakarta)”, Riva Pratama

The Student Recognition Award

  • “Learned, Loved, Left”, Camille Cohen
  • “Temple: Its a Trash Life”, Troy Pierce

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