Caddo Mountain Spring Water’s Phase II Hydrogeology Report Documents Quality, Capacity & Sustainability

Caddo Mountain Spring Water, LLC (CMSW), a premium spring, artesian and mineral water start-up, announced today that it has just received an excellent Phase II Hydrogeology Report. The Phase II Report documents its source water tract’s water quality, capacity and sustainability.

The Hydrogeology Report is a milestone for the venture with its source water tract in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. Once equity funding is completed, the Caddo development will access and produce unsurpassed quality spring, artesian and mineral water at a proven high capacity on a sustainable basis. The project includes the construction of a bottling facility where it will “bottle at the source.”

Caddo just received a completed Phase II Hydrogeology Report from ATOKA, Inc. It had earlier commissioned ATOKA, Inc. — a Professional Engineering and Environmental Consulting Services firm to do both a Phase I and Phase II Hydrogeological Study for CMSW.

“We chose ATOKA based on their ability and Arkansas heritage,” said Barry Davidson, CEO of CMSW. “We believe we got an excellent team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. We consider Tim Hill at ATOKA one of the finest hydrogeologists in the world. Tim’s long career includes global experience on several continents for some of the largest companies on the planet with more than 1,200 Hydrogeology Reports to his credit. We wanted additional developmental along with proven water capacity and sustainability documentation about our Arkansas source water tract. We felt really good about our previous report — but we needed the Phase II Hydrogeology Report to more fully essay our outstanding water resource.”

According to ATOKA, Caddo’s source water tract is geologically complex and contains water flowing from both the Bigfork and Womble geological formations. The Bigfork formation, in particular, is renowned for its water-producing characteristics. The source water production from the Company-owned tract is world-class and will be sustainable to meet the Company’s needs for the foreseeable future. In fact, Caddo’s water tract metrics including quality, production and sustainability show it is likely the dominant source drinking water tract in the U.S. The Company’s CEO went on to say, “We look forward to challenging any bottled water producer in the world on the basis of lab-tested water quality, taste, healthfulness and sustainability. We are thrilled with our new source water tract report. Based on the ATOKA report our future water production will be both scalable and sustainable. Sustainability and stewardship of the environment are extremely important to us and our investors.”

The start of water bottling production from the Caddo facility is expected in eight or nine months from completion of the Company’s equity investor capital raise program. Caddo had previously announced >$1 million in economic incentives from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

Davidson had the following more to say about Caddo and its water: “We are making great progress on this project. We have known from the beginning that a start-up venture with a rural module is an equity investor challenge. Certainly, the pandemic has added to the task. However, we have confidence in our unsurpassed sustainable quality water and the rewards it offers in a robust marketplace with a smart consumer. Our source water is pristine and protected by U.S. Forest Lands with a great legacy. Our company’s social impact mission and eco-friendly position are exemplified by our commitment to good manufacturing jobs, sustainable water and energy. We believe that people everywhere will enjoy watching our outstanding development in progress as well as consuming our water. Our target consumer is health-conscious and cares about the purity of the water and stewardship of the environment.”

Pictured is CMSW’s premium-sustainable source water tract in the Ouachita Mountains of “The Natural State.”

Barry Davidson, CEOManaging Member or

Source: Caddo Mountain Spring Water, LLC