Building Freedom, Georgia: A Safe Community for Black Families, Built by Black Families

Graphic of City Center in Star Shape with 19 Black Families for the Freedom Fund 21 $500K IndieGoGo Fundraiser for Freedom Georgia Initiative

Will You Help to Build Freedom?

“Empowering ourselves to create the kind of built-environments we want for our families. Empowering ourselves to create jobs and wealth for us. Empowering ourselves to provide access to the food, nature, and healing we need. This is a movement to empower the people who have felt powerless…

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but in the case of 19 Black American families just outside of Atlanta, it takes a village to build a city where residents thrive and can be an example of meeting the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Almost one year ago, 19 Black families went viral for purchasing almost 100 acres of land in the midst of a pandemic on the outskirts of Toomsboro, GA in Unincorporated Wilkinson County, GA. The Freedom Georgia Initiative has now acquired a total of 502 acres of land, ticking off the land requirements on the checklist for becoming a future city in the State of Georgia. A goal that was met at a dizzying pace during a devastating pandemic that disproportionately affected Blacks and in coping with the tragic deaths of Ahmaud Aubrey, Breyonna Taylor, and George Floyd.

Leading the initiative are three black female entrepreneurs, Renee Walters, Ashley Scott, and Laura Riley-Cooper, who have made massive strides in developing a parcel of land they acquired through crowdsourcing their resources. In less than a year, they’ve tapped into water sources, brought electricity, and cleared 10 acres. Now, as they work to secure a performance bond and begin master planning, the women behind The Freedom Georgia Initiative are seeking public interest and support to make their vision a reality.

“We are focused on being the change we want to see by specifically targeting the areas that have disenfranchised the Black community, such as lack of access to quality food, housing and higher paying jobs. Our ability to apply practical research and understanding in those areas will allow the Freedom Georgia community to be supportive and innovative in meeting the needs of those who have been most disproportionately affected, US,” Laura Riley Cooper, CEO of the Freedom Georgia Initiative, shares.

They’ve launched a new fundraising campaign on popular crowdfunding site IndieGoGo to raise funds for the next step in the development of Freedom, Georgia – $500,000 for a performance bond, which will unlock the remaining start-up capital from their local investors and community financial institutions. They’re offering a number of perks, ranging from apparel to street naming opportunities this time around. Support has been strong for the collective since their inception in 2020, already raising well over their $88,000 goal in the initial GoFundMe Campaign to clear land, bring water and amenities to FGI’s first 96.71 acres.

“Public support is very important at this stage of development, because it not only validates the true necessity of these safe spaces, but also amplifies the support from our allies that want to change the status quo and stand for equal opportunities for success and self-determination in this country,” Laura Riley Cooper says.

“We’ve been on this journey for a year now. The vision to create a city that could be an example for how to live sustainably, equitably, and healthily is now manifesting but we need help. An intentional cooperative model where residents thrive, own land, homes, businesses, farms, and enjoy a community where everyone cooperates for the best of all who reside there is what we are building. A people-powered community! A contribution to the Freedom Fund is a contribution to moving our country forward in housing and wealth equity,” says Realtor Ashley Scott, the Co-Founder & Vice-President of the Freedom GA Initiative.

President of the Freedom Georgia Initiative, Renee Walters says, “Freedom for me is a space where I can show up as the best version of my true self, walk in my God-given purpose, and release all my doubts and fears, and so can you. Your gift to the Freedom Fund is a signal that you want to see these types of communities become the new normal.”

“Freedom is a place where people and the environment are the priority and then the profits that inherently come later are shared by those who helped to create them, that’s what this entire movement is about. That’s one of the reasons we’ve chosen to go the crowd funding route, we don’t want to shut out the very disadvantaged citizens that we hope will come to Freedom and find prosperity.” Mrs. Scott continues, “Empowering ourselves to create the kind of built-environments we want for our families. Empowering ourselves to create jobs and wealth for us. Empowering ourselves to provide access to the food, nature, and healing we need. This is a movement to empower the people who have felt powerless living in neighborhoods and communities that do not serve them.”

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About Freedom Georgia Initiative
We are a black-owned, woman-owned, family-owned, veteran-managed, limited liability company organized in Georgia for the social and economic benefit of our members.

Our LLC seeks to support black-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned businesses by providing contracts to well-qualified vendors to do business with our company.

Our LLC pledges to create a thriving safe haven for black families and our allies that brings value and gives back to the community.

Our LLC hopes to be an innovative model for self-sufficiency, environmental sustainability, and cooperative economics among BIPOC communities across the African Diaspora globally.