Buddy Thornton’s New Book ‘Contemporary Society Through the Lens of Applied Ethics’ is a Thought-Provoking Read on the Ethical Dilemmas and Its Impact on Today’s Life

Fulton Books author, Buddy Thornton, a Vietnam war veteran, a COO of a nonprofit organization that mentors disadvantaged youth, a graduate with a BS in Allied Health Sciences with an advanced degree in Human Services Counseling and Executive Leadership, has completed his most recent book “Contemporary Society Through the Lens of Applied Ethics”: a highly insightful prose that talks about social inequities and minority disenfranchisement in the contemporary era. It is a meaningful read that expounds on the poor choices that lead to the debasement of ethical standards.

Thornton shares, “Contemporary Society through the Lens of Applied Ethics provides a framework of how to experience ethics within your personal worldview without being prescriptive. A little history, a bit of context, and a touch of some of today’s critical thinking topics hopefully lead to dialogue with friends and colleagues about a topic rarely explored in the world we live in together—ethics, an abstract part of every human’s day-to-day that people tend to tiptoe around. Enjoy the journey and hopefully pick up some interesting and useful perspectives along the way!”

Published by Fulton Books, Buddy Thornton’s book is an edifying literary work that aims to help people achieve the optimal social behavior. A lot of unethical treatments have spread throughout America when the COVID outbreak happened, and the author hopes that his book will somehow create a huge social impact on humanity.

This relevant opus is meant to spark healthy discussions and debates between friends, family, and colleagues.

Readers who wish to experience this transformative work can purchase “Contemporary Society Through the Lens of Applied Ethics” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books