Bruce Jackson’s New Book ‘Thom Jons’ is an Insightful Novel That Presents a Powerful Take on the Reality of Life and What Awaits Beyond It

Fulton Books author Bruce Jackson, a retired academic administrator, a performing musician, a church service musician, a talented essayist and poet, has completed his most recent book “Thom Jons”: a contemplative read that centers around the journey of a war hero who has already forgotten what kind of gift life is. Thom Jons was celebrated for dedicating himself to the country; but as the years go by, the darkness in his heart took control of his ability to see life in the good way. This is his awe-inspiring tale of life, death, and resurrection.

Jackson shares, “The narrative covers the progression of life in a Southern American town during the first three decades of the twentieth century. The characters experience social divisions, poverty, World War I, pandemic, prohibition, suffrage, clerical rape, lynching, gay marriage, economic collapse, and systemic racism. The story is presented from the perspective of a diverse cast of characters ranging from judges, politicians, hoodlums, teachers, businessmen, soldiers, wealthy whites, lower-class whites, and folks from a colored community. Their lives are reflected upon by their guardian angels and unseen universal teachers. Part 1 covers the lives of folks around Thom Jons, a war hero and entrepreneur who gradually descends into rejecting life by demanding death. Part 2 begins after the dispensational resurrection of the souls onto Mansion One. All the resurrected characters protest that Thom Jons had failed to be resurrected. They demand and win a tribunal before Melchizedek to convince Thom to be born into the reality of ascendant eternal life. After introductions by Melchizedek, the tribunal consists of the reflections of each ascender on their earthly lives, Thom’s positive mortal legacy, and their experiences, lessons, and new perspectives learned after their resurrection. They invite Thom to join them in the adventure of universal progress, spiritual development, and an ever-evolving living faith. For they have understood the experience of the Ascendant Will of God in the fulfillment of their personal spiritual assignments by God the Father and their communal service experience with the Eternal Mother.”

Published by Fulton Books, Bruce Jackson’s book is a meaningful read that blends theology and fantasy fiction. In this day and age, humans suffer from the lack of understanding of the very concept of eternal life. This novel encourages readers to open up their eyes and put systemic racism to an end.

It’s a highly recommended read that is both entertaining and eye-opening.

Readers who wish to experience this potent work can purchase “Thom Jons” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books