Brooks Shaw’s Old Country Store Gift Card Program Supports Essential Workers

Old Country Store Gift Cards Available to Support West Tennessee Essential Workers

We want to partner with people who are looking for a way to show our essential workers gratitude for the sacrifices they have made during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brooks Shaw’s Old Country Store is seeking community partners to help provide meals for West Tennessee’s essential workers and their families through its new program — Feeding the Need of Essential Workers in West Tennessee.

Individuals and organizations may partner by purchasing gift cards from now until the end of the year. A $15 card may be used toward breakfast, lunch or dinner for an essential worker. Cards will be honored at the Old Country Store’s Southern buffet or Dixie Café takeout.
“We want to partner with people who are looking for a way to show our essential workers gratitude for the sacrifices they have made during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Clark Shaw, president and CEO, said. “Additionally, we are offering a discount for those who purchase gift cards in bulk.”

Old Country Store’s discount rates for those businesses or individuals who purchase gift cards in bulk are:

15% off — $1,000 to $9,999 and 
20% off — $10,000 or more.
“It is our hope that someone will want to feed an entire floor of essential workers at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital specifically starting with the COVID-19 treatment floor and the emergency room,” Brooks Shaw, general manager, explained. “We’ve calculated that it would take approximately $3,200 to feed each floor of the hospital. That could be covered by one individual or several small contributions.”
The Old Country Store family also wants to provide gift cards for essential workers at the Kirkland Cancer Center, Lifeline Blood Services and first responders (including firefighters, police and sheriff’s departments and EMTs).
“Essential workers have been on the front line caring for patients and our most vulnerable citizens for much of the year,” Clark Shaw said.  “During this season of giving, we couldn’t think of a better way to demonstrate Christ’s love than to give them and their families a meal that they did not have to plan or prepare.”

To purchase gift cards, individuals may contact Old Country Store Sales and Hospitality Ambassador Lisa Adkins by call or text at 731-234-0533 or by email at “This is a great opportunity to serve others or to recognize employees for excellence or attendance with gift cards,” Adkins added. “Also, we can provide businesses with Old Country Store’s holiday catering.”

According to Clark Shaw, “Individuals or organizations can buy and distribute gift cards in any way they want to honor others this holiday season. For example, a business could decide to give 80% of its gift card purchase to its employees and distribute 20% in the community. This program is created to be flexible — allowing the giver to choose from a variety of options.”
Open daily year-round (except for Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day), Brooks Shaw’s Old Country Store includes the restaurant, authentically recreated 1890’s Ice Cream Parlor and Fudge Shoppe, Southern Gift Shop and the Dixie Café Takeout or Dine In at 56 Casey Jones Lane in Jackson. Individuals may learn more by visiting, and

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