BrightChats Exits Beta, Awarded US Patent, Announces ‘SOLO 20’ Virtual Platform

BrightChatsTM, Inc. today announced its innovative collaboration platform has exited beta and is now available to the general public. BrightChats has also announced the award of a U.S. Patent and the planned release of its ‘SOLO 20’ virtual platform. BrightChats offers a Google Chrome-based, virtual collaboration platform for anyone to connect safely and securely to anyone, anywhere in the world; it also hosts a joint database of professionals offering client services in various fields.

“During these very challenging times, we have strived to offer a broad range of services, at the least financial burden if any; such that individuals, families, professionals, and companies small and large, can continue to live their lives and conduct their businesses from a safe and secure virtual space.” Afsari went on, “Most importantly, we provide for extremely high performance while at the same time ensuring robust information security, a key concern in today’s Internet-enabled world. By creating a secure, peer-to-peer communications channel, users are assured that their conversations, and any files or data shared during a collaboration session, are completely secure, as all text, data, video and audio are transmitted solely between the connected peer nodes.” 

BrightChats allows individuals to see and talk with one another while sharing files, white-boards and screen content. It’s a perfect tool for personal collaboration or group conferencing. For tutors and other professionals, it provides a robust platform for distance learning or consulting. BrightChats servers are used only to facilitate the connection between two or more users; except in those cases where a user goes through a firewall, a Turn Server is deployed to make the connection. Unlike most other web-based collaboration services, no user data is transmitted through BrightChats servers and, as a result, high levels of data security and integrity are ensured. Additionally, all of its services provide customized users contacts list, instant connection or scheduling a future meeting, recording of audio-video and snapshots; and saving of shared files on users’ choice of storage devices.

BrightChats ‘SOLO 6’ enables one-on-one or groups of six users to quickly connect. BrightChats ‘Professional’ enables consultants to connect to their existing clients or to reach new clients through its expert database. BrightChats ‘Enterprise’ allows companies to institute a secure, private and custom branded virtual collaboration platform, powered by BrightChats. BrightChats ‘SOLO 20’, which will be launched in the coming weeks, enables users to conduct large group virtual meetings of up to 20 audio/video participants.

BrightChats also announced the granting of United States Patent No. 10,353,663, covering several aspects of the technologies used in the services released by BrightChats, including key communications and collaboration technologies critical in today’s world where the emphasis is on safe and secure online communications.  

BrightChats has chosen a subscription policy that generates revenue yet enables quick user adoption by allowing users to decide at a future time if they wish to subscribe. BrightChats plans to use its revenue to support its growing user base in these challenging pandemic times and make it convenient for all users to benefit from its services. All users will have access to an unlimited number of connections and stay connected each time for as long as they please. 

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