Brad Lamm, CIP President & Founder On: Decriminalization of Drug Possession in Oregon

As four other states vote to legalize recreational marijuana, Oregon has passed a measure with almost 60% support that would decriminalize the possession of hard drugs across the state.

Brad Lamm, CIP President & Founder at Breathe Life Healing Centers, discusses how legalizing the possession of hard drugs may affect the patterns of addiction and subsequent treatment of addicts across the state. Addiction and relapse have been on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic due to compounding stressors, and opening the gateway for treatment rather than incarceration might have a positive lasting effect on the lives of addicts. 

Brad Lamm is a publicly known and well-respected interventionist that has worked tirelessly to drive awareness for support and solutions for families and those suffering with addiction and eating disorders. As an advocate for total health and wellbeing in recovery, he discusses the lasting impact the decriminalization of the possession of hard drugs in the state of Oregon can have. 

Brad Lamm, CIP is an author, speaker, educator, and interventionist. He has been a regular on Oprah, Dr. Oz, Nancy Grace and others. Brad is eager to discuss the lasting impact of this new legislation on the lives of addicts and their families.

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Source: Breathe Life Healing Centers