Boyd Announces New Reports

Available now for download purchase from are operating cost comparison “Snapshots” of U.S. and global hubs for seven leading and highly mobile industries: aerospace, biopharma, medical devices, motor vehicles, food & beverage processing, distribution warehousing and corporate head offices.

“In today’s uncertain economy and with new, higher corporate tax schemes and new regulations on the way from Washington, comparative business costs will be driving corporate site selection decisions like never before,” says John Boyd, Jr., principal of The Boyd Co. Furthermore, the bipartisan emphasis on re-shoring and near-shoring jobs from China will put a premium on operating cost savings among different locations.  

“The role of the corporate site selection consultant has changed dramatically since our firm was founded five decades ago,” explains Boyd. Today, more of the corporate site selection process is being carried out in-house by companies leveraging past relocation experiences and web-based resources like This is especially the case during the early stage when lists of candidate cities are first being assembled.  

Beyond site-seeking companies, the real estate industry and economic development organizations, Boyd’s new BizCosts® Snapshots are also designed to provide venture capital and hedge fund managers, private equity firms and the Wall Street community operating cost differentials to help measure a company’s industry competitiveness and financial performance.  

Unprecedented Corporate and Employee Mobility

For many corporations, improving the bottom line on the cost side of the ledger will be far easier than on the revenue side for some time now as the global economy begins its rebound from the COVID pandemic. Also, the rise of the remote workforce, heightened emphasis on “last mile” delivery, vacant retail repurposing and the overall impact of COVID-19 on the economy is ushering in an era of unprecedented corporate and personal mobility. “This is an exciting and transformative time in the site selection and development world,” adds Boyd.

Due to COVID, office projects are getting smaller and being re-imagined as hubs to be visited periodically by employees. High costs, fiscal crises and social unrest are causing an historic exodus of companies and workers from cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco to less costly and more manageable locations. Adding to the need for reliable operating cost data are the myriad of startup companies in new and emerging industries like fintech, electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing and space exploration, seeking cost-efficient locations to help ensure their long-term success.

About BizCosts® – About Boyd:  BizCosts® refers to the proprietary data bank of The Boyd Company, Inc., Corporate Site Consultancy of Princeton, NJ.  Devoted exclusively to the impact of business costs on corporate location, BizCosts® is recognized as a definitive benchmark by corporations worldwide. Since 1975, Boyd has influenced the direction of billions of dollars of new corporate investment and jobs throughout the U.S. and the globe, providing site selection counsel to many Fortune 500 companies. 

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Source: The Boyd Company, Inc.