BluSky Restoration Contractors Recognized as 2021 Best Roofing Service Provider

Like many other elements of the construction space, restoration and renovation services can be quite competitive. This makes recognitions such as industry awards and acknowledgments valuable, not just for the businesses themselves, but as a way for potential clients to identify the best service providers. One company whose name always makes the list when it comes to premium commercial and residential restorations and renovations is BluSky Restoration. After an active 2020 and thriving first half of 2021, the company is proud to announce it has been named the 2021 Best Roofing Service Provider by the industry journal Construction Business Review, and the announcement has been met with enthusiasm.

“We are passionate about roofing, so to win such a high-profile award is really fantastic,” Mike Erekson, Chief Operating Officer for BluSky, commented. “We have a dedicated Commercial Roofing division that is led by true veterans who know what it takes to exceed even the highest of expectations from our clients. All while staying on budget and delivering quality work that can be absolutely counted on.”

The company accepts projects from across the continental United States and in Puerto Rico. It specializes in roofing, restoration, and environmental work for community buildings including commercial, healthcare facilities, retail and local schools. During the pandemic, many of these projects were completed, winning BluSky significant praise and setting the stage for what is likely to be an active and successful 2021 and beyond.

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Source: BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC