Blossom, a Startup Based in Palo Alto, CA, is Changing How People Consume Scented Candles by Introducing a Line of Scented Wax Melt Collections Called Smelt (Smell+Melt)

Palo Alto, CA, August 25, 2021 –(– Blossom, a startup based in Palo Alto, CA, is here to change the way people consume scented candles.

Started during the depth of the pandemic and the work from home wave, Blossom was founded to add a new dimension to people’s daily lives and break the home-office boredom.

After realizing the cost of collecting different scented candles and the tedium of having the same scent for a long time, the founder concluded that there must be a better way to bring aromatic diversity without breaking the bank. The answer was to create products that are curated collections of six aromas per package leading to a more diverse aromatic experience for customers.

With a direct-to-consumer e-commerce presence, Blossom is introducing its latest product line to the US, Canadian, and Latin American markets to provide unique inspirational aromatic experiences to its customers.

“By crafting fragrances of the highest quality, we desire to provide a selection of scents in a single package that is inspired by moments we cherish. We plan to continue expanding our collections to provide new aromatic experiences to our customers every season,” notes Blossom’s founder and CEO, Cleia Muggler.

Scented wax melts are a flameless alternative to candles that add instant warmth and aroma to the atmosphere of any room. Each high-quality Smelt is highly scented with aromatic essential oils. They last longer and provide a powerful yet pleasant aroma that customers love. By offering a large selection of sublime scents, Blossom helps people create a warm, inviting atmosphere in any room of their home or office.

The initial six collections, that Blossom is offering, are:

The Garden Collection – The essence of this enchanted bloom is its lush, romantic nostalgic blossom glow. Rich notes are layered to create luminous yet gentle fragrances to bring an elegant experience to any room.

The Pink Bellini Brunch Collection – Enjoy the graciousness of this charming blend of aromas. Each scent has been developed to have its own unique expression; notes plucked from a personal catalog of olfactory memories, then evolved and expressed in a modern context.

Sailing Away Collection – Allow yourself to be carried away to the world’s most beautiful coastlines and their captivating ambiance. Aromas that gently flow in the air as the island’s great windmills churn in the calm breeze.

Happy Hour Collection – Every hour is a happy hour with these handcrafted cocktail scents that will waft through your home or office.

Gourmand Collection – Gourmand is a scrumptious collection of beautifully fresh and sweet fragrances that make any space feel oh so homey. Savor the scent of fresh baked goods, velvety cakes, or rich, creamy chocolate with scented melts that are good enough to eat.

Resort Collection – Breath in the fresh, invigorating aromas from this lush collection. Your mind will take you away to pristine mountains where you will find yourself reinvigorated.

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