Blockchain as a Solution for Healthcare Industry in the Covid-19 Era

Jelvix, as a leader in blockchain development services, provides organizations with innovative distributed ledger solutions. They improve the reliability of the healthcare industry, ensure the transparency of the supply chain and protect it from data leakage associated with sensitive patient information. The outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019 triggered a global emergency. As a litmus test, the virus identified bottlenecks in modern healthcare systems. Jelvix’s experts predict that technologies like blockchain can help cope with pandemic challenges.

Blockchain can streamline vaccine and drug clinical trials, track the storage and delivery of coronavirus vaccines, and provide a reliable data tracking tool.

In 2025, the global blockchain market for blockchain-related products and services in the medical field is expected to reach $39.7 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 67.3%. Most healthcare, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies actively recruit IT companies to utilize blockchain technology at various stages. They expect blockchain to be the key to removing barriers to data sharing in healthcare and ultimately enabling value-based care across the industry. Some of the big players have turned to Jelvix to develop their platforms.

Blockchain is often referred to as a technology of trust because its applications help maintain data integrity. Since clinical trials of vaccines will proceed at a higher rate, the blockchain concept can be applied in areas where records are an essential part of the legitimacy. A global blockchain could form the basis for a united electronic health record, proffering a secure digital environment for managing and storing patient information in a verifiable way that is available in real-time to everyone in the chain of healthcare providers. Patients will be in complete control of their data, and doctors can securely connect to it as well.

Blockchain has already become part of an ecosystem that comprises analytics, AI, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things. With the need to develop more efficient medical records systems, we expect that medical examination systems and wearable device cryptography will become an integral part of the entire healthcare industry in the future.

Realizing all the perspectives of this innovative technology, Jelvix strives to provide its clients with customized software solutions for distributed ledger and engages its leading experts in this field in development. A software solution developed on blockchain technology will help:

  • Protect data and create transparency between all stakeholders.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of transactions and complete financial transactions in minutes.
  • Streamline operations by eliminating intermediaries and improving supply chain effectiveness.
  • Track products location, quality, shipment date, and more throughout the supply chain.

“We have discovered several ways to gain direct blockchain value for the healthcare industry, and companies will see a return on that investment quicker,” says CEO Jelvix, Sasha Andrieiev.

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Source: Jelvix Company