Blink Device Company Announces Launch of GelAuto™ Wearable Hand Gel System

Blink Device Company announced the launch of the GelAuto™ smart hand gel system. To slow the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control recommends frequent hand washing, and if soap and water are not readily available, they encourage the use of hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. The GelAuto wearable gel system’s ergonomic design facilitates one handed use while app-enabled reminders promote consistency, making recommended hand gelling easy. GelAuto cartridges are filled with Germ-X® brand hand sanitizer, a trusted U.S. brand that meets CDC guidelines.

“Research has shown that health care providers gel their hands significantly more often when they have access to wearable gel dispensers, which results in lower rates of hospital acquired infections,” said Justin Hulvershorn, MD, PhD, Blink’s CEO. “We designed the GelAuto dispenser for the health care environment, and we were just starting evaluations in hospitals when the pandemic surfaced. When numerous physician participants asked if they could buy dispensers for their family and friends, we realized that the GelAuto system has a broader role to play in helping to keep our families and communities safe. So, we expanded our focus and accelerated our timeline to make GelAuto available to everyone.”

The GelAuto system is a hospital-grade, electronic wearable dispenser with gelling reminders to help make routine hand hygiene a reflex. The included mobile app takes hand sanitizing to a new level with customizable settings, location-enabled reminders, group features, and performance tracking tools that provide advanced insights into the wearer’s gelling behavior. The convenient, pre-filled cartridges are filled with enough high-quality hand gel for about 50 uses wherever and whenever you need them.

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