Black Book™ Moves ZyDocⓇ to #2 in Medical Transcription Clinical Services and #6 Transcription Software Solution Vendor of 2020

ZyDoc was ranked second in medical transcription services and sixth for their TrackDoc Connect enterprise cloud transcription platform in the 2020 Black Book™ Market Research vendors survey by 203 hospitals and 2,263 physician practices.

Black Book™ Moves ZyDocⓇ to #2 in Medical Transcription Clinical Services and #6 Transcription Software Solution Vendor of 2020

Washington, DC, November 16, 2020 –(– ZyDoc was ranked #2 in medical transcription in the 2020 Black Book™ Market Research vendors survey by 203 hospitals and 2,263 physician practices. The survey measures how providers are dealing with future-proofing their technology, decreasing staffing costs, and resourcing shortages with state-of-the-art transcription software and outsourced solutions. ZyDoc moved up from its previous #3 ranking in the 2018 survey. In a separate survey, ZyDoc’s TrackDoc Connect enterprise cloud transcription platform was ranked #6 in the medical transcription software solutions category.

“Medical transcription has become a critical part of the clinical documentation process as vendors are tested with the challenges of supporting clients as they go through healthcare reform, COVID responses, and the move toward value-based reimbursement,” said Doug Brown, Managing Partner of Black Book.

The medical transcription leader, according to Black Book and Klas is Aquity Systems. ZyDoc CEO, James M. Maisel, M.D. states, “ZyDoc is delighted to be ranked right below the transcription industry leader. ZyDoc differs from Aquity in that we use our own enterprise HIPAA compliant cloud based transcription software platform, whereas they use M*Modal’s Fluency For Transcription dictation and transcription technology. M*Modal was not even ranked in the top 25 transcription service vendors although they are one of the largest clinical transcription service providers in the U.S., with a global network of medical editors. ZyDoc recommends using only background checked U.S. employees. However, Aquity outsources work overseas raising the risk of unsecured workstations and accountability when hospitals are being targeted with malware. ZyDoc features the fastest turnaround time in the industry often completing jobs in under two hours. This allows hospitals to avoid an extra overnight stay costing thousands of dollars rather than waiting for discharge summaries from overseas workers. We prefer to be viewed as an EHR solution company allowing doctors to save time dictating their encounters. Our more accurate method avoids the complexity of speech recognition or the HR hassles of scribes who have to be spoon-fed work. ZyDoc leverages EHR interoperability and automatically inserts the transcript into the appropriate sections of the EHR saving doctors up to several hours daily while alleviating burnout.”

Black Book also ranked ZyDoc’s transcription enterprise cloud platform sixth in the medical transcription software industry. Dr. Maisel remarks, “That’s pretty remarkable, given that 3M acquired the technology business of M*Modal, for a total enterprise value of $1.0 billion in 2019. ZyDoc is continuously adding features and is poised to become the technical leader. In 2000 we licensed 17 speech recognition language models to DragonNaturally Speaking Medical which helped launch speech recognition technology in medicine. With our proprietary language modeling knowledge, machine learning and AI, we continue to improve the efficiency of our US workforce. They can now compete with low-cost, offshore vendors since ZyDoc has better security, higher accuracy and faster turnaround times. ZyDoc is an enterprise system for administrators, allowing granular workflow control and access by facilities, departments, coders, quality assurance and billing personnel. The zero footprint platform has been well received by IT directors and enables clinicians to continue their documentation work even if the EHR or hospital network is disrupted. Hospitals can quickly and easily implement and manage the platform. We are increasing our following and hope to enroll enough security conscious hospitals to become eligible for Klas evaluation in the near future.”

About Black Book
Black Book conducts polls and surveys with healthcare executives and front-line users about their current technology and services partners and awards top-performing vendors based on performance on 18 qualitative indicators of client experience, loyalty and customer satisfaction, among other critical KPIs. Black Book™, its founder, management and staff do not own or hold any financial interest in any of the vendors covered and encompassed in the vendor satisfaction surveys it conducts.

About ZyDoc
ZyDoc was founded by CEO James M. Maisel, MD, a retinal surgeon and medical informatics innovator. Its mission is to empower clinicians with simple and efficient clinical documentation solutions. ZyDoc solves the EHR usability puzzle with an easy to use and highly effective dictation method that accurately generates detailed medical documentation. This improves clinical outcomes, enhances referrals, optimizes charge capture, and minimizes malpractice risks. It is intuitive, requires minimal training and saves physicians hours of work dealing with the EHR burden. ZyDoc offers full EHR interoperability with almost all EHRs and has off-the-shelf athenahealth integration.

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