BJ Barnes’ New Book ‘COVID, College, & Life Transitions’ Is a Timely Read About Facing Changes, Accepting Reality, and Moving Forward

Fulton Books authorĀ BJ Barnes, a young writer and a student, has completed his most recent book “COVID, College, & Life Transitions”: a gripping nonfiction about the anxiety, rage, and loneliness that stormed every individual during the global pandemic. It is also a boy’s tale of navigating student life and facing the challenges that come with this crisis.

Barnes shares, “Toilet paper shortages, curbside pickup, face masks, Zoom, travel bans, and flattening the curve were all a part of the reality everyone who lived through 2020 was far too familiar with. Another saying that was thrown around was one that appeared on television, radio ads, and even endorsed by several celebrity campaigns: Congratulations to the Class of 2020. While most people gave it a quick one-off, the author, as well as the millions of other high school seniors, actually lived it. Their class was born in the aftermath of 9/11 and then graduated during a global pandemic. He nor any of them are interested in society’s pity, but what they do seek is an understanding. An understanding that they were robbed of prom, stripped of their senior sports seasons, and most importantly, deprived of those irreplaceable moments that could only happen in the hormone-run jungle that was high school.

“After receiving their diplomas through the mail or, in the author’s case, via drive-thru, they turned around and said goodbye to their hometowns to never return quite the same. Normally, this experience would be full of meeting new people, staying out late, and learning the balance between partying and studying; although that wouldn’t be the case for the author and his friends. They instead unwillingly traded in these life lessons for the bleakness of seclusion inside of their dorm rooms.

“Join the author in this unique coming-of-age journey that spelled trouble, misfortune, laughter, and fear of meeting expectations, all while navigating his way through college’s awkward social queues and simultaneously trying to shut the door on his adolescence.”

Published by Fulton Books, BJ Barnes’ book is a young man’s story of missing out on some things kids normally do if it weren’t for the pandemic. In this book, the author discusses his firsthand experience of transitioning from high school to college in this new normal way of living.

The author wishes that his story will spark inspiration to those who can also relate to his journey.

Readers who wish to experience this brilliant work can purchaseĀ “COVID, College, & Life Transitions” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books