Bistro Tables & Bases Offering Durable Outdoor Furniture for the Winter

A premium quality furniture company is making it easy for restaurant owners to find top-quality indoor, outdoor and patio furniture

With winter on the horizon, restaurant furniture manufacturer, Bistro Tables & Bases, is helping owners prepare for the season with a product line of outdoor furniture for the winter. Due to the increased need and desire to sit outside during these unprecedented times, the team at Bistro believes it’s important for restaurant owners to purchase outdoor furniture that will truly last throughout the winter. 

If a restaurant doesn’t have the right furniture for roof-top or outdoor seating even during the colder months of the year, it could really compromise business-especially during the pandemic. It’s much better to invest now, before quality outdoor restaurant furniture becomes completely sold out. 

To help in choosing the right furniture this season, make sure to buy the best outdoor furniture material —some items are known for all-season resilience, whereas others need to be pulled inside when seasons change. For instance, synthetic wicker, pine, rot, and metal rank among materials that prove durable. 

Investing in winter covers is an ideal way to shield and protect furniture from debris and weather damage when it’s not in use. And adding protective shade structures in case of heavy snow or rainfall will also enhance the durability as well.

When selecting outdoor restaurant furniture, make sure to check if its upkeep will be manageable. For example, water needs to be kept away from aluminum furniture. Wrought-iron, natural wicker, and steel-frames can be kept outside, but it would be best to cover them for added protection. Wooden-based winter patio furniture should never be put under a cover, as it may accumulate moisture, leading to mildew and mold. 

About The Company

For nearly two decades, Bistro Tables and Bases has been committed to being a trusted restaurant furniture supply store by helping restaurants build more enjoyable dining experiences. Having worked in the industry for 16 years, they have an extensive selection of high-quality commercial bistro tables and chairs, accessories, and more.

Source: Bistro Tables & Bases