Bioclimatic Pergola Agava – Restaurant Terrace Solution

Make the most of the outdoor space with the bioclimatic pergola Agava from Soltec.

Restaurant owners have relocated from indoor space to their terraces amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The bioclimatic pergola Agava from Soltec helps restaurant owners to make the most of the outdoor space. It is a modern solution, designed to suit outdoor needs. Agava pergolas are perfect for a terrace or garden, especially for the autumn-winter period of the restaurant business. 

Pergola Agava protects terraces against external influences including:

  • Protection from hail, wind, rain, snow & scorching sun;
  • Excess water channeling;
  • Enhanced ventilation;
  • Stability in windy conditions.

Pergolas designed in line with the measurements of a terrace provide almost infinite customization options, thus creating a unique outdoor ambiance for the restaurant businesses.

Soltec’s engineers ensure an excellent solution for restaurant terraces to:

  • offer a wonderful experience to the guests;
  • protect the terrace from adverse conditions;
  • increase the usable space of the restaurant;
  • extend the season on the terrace or garden.

​The power and capacity of the Agava SL or XL pergolas are combined with the comfort provided by additional equipment such as sensors, lighting, heaters and speakers.

  • up to 78 m2 in 1 module;
  • extends up to 12 m without intermediate support.

For more comfort the customers can take advantage of additional equipment:

  • Sliding panels;
  • Glass panels;
  • ZIP roll shutters;
  • Integrated LED lighting;
  • Heating;
  • Audio system;
  • Sensors.

Source: Soltec d.o.o.