axiVEND and iRiS Kinetics announce a broader partnership for the commercialization of label-free detection systems.

iRiS Kinetics MX-100

easily measure biomolecular binding affinities from your bench

The MX-100 is a compact, low-cost label-free instrument for the measurement of biomolecular affinities. “After an early commercial success, the forecasted demand requires more bandwidth and axiVEND is the perfect partner for us,” said iRiS Kinetics Founder and CEO Selim Ünlü. “A key feature of the MX-100 technology is to perform multiplexed measurements. This enables reliable comparisons of binding affinities. axiVEND’s arraying service capabilities extends our chip production so that we can offer our customers ready-to-use multiplex chips, with custom contents for their needs.”

“From the beginning, coupling the iRiS Technology with our arraying capabilities as been an ideal pairing,” said axiVEND CEO Claude Dufresne PhD. “As the growth for iRiS technology accelerates, it was time to consolidate all of the production and services under one roof. Our new location provides ample space and talent for these activities. We utilize M2-Automation spotters for the best quality arrays possible.”

In contrast to other commercial platforms, iRiS chips can be coated with a very wide range of materials, making them most valuable in getting the best biological performance from immobilized molecules. The liquid flow-through cell in turns provides for true kinetics measurements. Exquisite sensitivity afforded by temporal and spatial averaging allows for the use of a quasi-2D ligand surface allowing for accurate kinetic binding characterization without being obscured by mass-transport limitations through thick and dense hydrogel surface layers common in surface plasmon resonance (SPR) systems.
Applications include measuring binding affinities of small molecules to proteins and biological nanoparticles, useful in drug discovery especially for hit validation, antibody selection for diagnostics or food testing markets, vaccine development, virus neutralization assays, and much more.
The MX-100 is available for purchase now.

About iRiS Kinetics
iRiS Kinetics Inc., founded in 2019, specializes in the development of systems to leverage the benefits of the interferometric reflectance imaging sensor (iRiS) technology, developed at Boston University. Under the guidance of experienced industry leaders Charles Cantor (NAS member, formerly Sequenom CTO) and Lex Van Der Ploeg (former Merck Boston site head), Mehmet Toner (NAE member, professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology) and Charles DeLisi (Presidential Citizens Medal recipient for his seminal role in initiating the Human Genome Project), the Company is beginning its rapid growth phase. Several agreements are in the works to deploy the technology worldwide and for a wide range of applications. Our Boston site activities will focus on R&D, while our production will be carried out under this partnership at the Florida site.

About axiVEND
Founded in 2019, axiVEND is built on the concept of truth in vending. From the Greek “axios” for truthfulness, axiVEND promises to provide only the very best solutions, with proven field performance, to the worlds of life sciences, diagnostics and multiplex testing in general. The current axiVEND portfolio encompasses products from best-in-class M2-Automation ultra-low volume high-precision liquid deposition spotters, the latest offerings in colorimetric and fluorescence multiplex array readers, and the latest generation of fast low-volume reagent dispensers from Let’s Go Robotics. We also offer contract device development and manufacturing services.
To support our very rapid growth, we recently moved into a new 6,000 SQF facility, and are actively expanding our talented team.

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