Award Winning Film, Between Mountains, Returns from Cannes to Screen at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood on August 27

Los Angeles, CA, August 25, 2021 –(– As COVID-19 continues to overwhelm communities around the globe, a sense of fear and anxiety has entrenched itself into society. This phenomenon has led to a significant increase in psychosocial and mental health implications. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly one in five U.S. adults now suffer from mental illness. While COVID-19 has been a recent culprit, the truth is that these alarming statistics have been trending upward for the past decade. As reported by the CDC, deaths by suicide have increased 24% since 1999.

Although the numbers are tragic, many fail to see the realities as it relates to mental illness, how we are all impacted, and how we are all vulnerable.

Between Mountains is directed by Vineesha Arora Sarin and stars her husband, Bollywood sensation Amit Sarin – both founders of producing entities Roaming Rickshaw Films and NY Studios.. The production explores mental health from the perspective of a single characterization – his extreme loss and how quickly one can fall. The feature film takes audiences on a progressive journey of self-discovery, enlightenment, and recovery. A recently widowed father reaches his breaking point after also losing his young son to sudden death. Overcome with sadness the lead character sets out on a broken road with the intent of ending his life. His journey soon takes the path of an ethereal and metaphysical illumination – experiencing first-hand the universe’s power to heal.

As mental illness soars across the world and communities are overcome by hopelessness, Between Mountains reveals an up-close view of what it’s like on the other side and how easy it is to succumb to depression. Audiences will be left with a lasting surge of emotions as the lead character learns to love life and once again find purpose in this eye-opening motion picture.

“Often times when we feel as if there is no hope, an inspiration comes through like the shining sun and there’s a small window of opportunity for us to act on it and take that step in the positive direction. ‘Between Mountains’ is that metaphor where the feeling of being stuck and unstuck have a very thin line and it is up to us to change our lives by taking that leap of faith. I was stuck too, like many others, during the pandemic and thought – what if there was someone out there that couldn’t see that window or had lost all hope? What of those who wouldn’t have anyone to simply share their feelings of hardship with? I felt this burning urge to help those few and thought, what if I could help save even a single life? As a storyteller, films are my biggest tools to help shed light on such issues, especially those that have a stigma attached to it.”
– Vineesha Sarin – Between Mountains, Director, Producer, Writer

During the recently held 9th Annual AFI World Peace Initiative and the 3rd Annual Karl Bardosh Cellphone Humanitarian Awards, Between Mountains was selected for the Karl Bardosh Cellphone Humanitarian Award as “Best Narrative Feature Film.” Additionally, the film received the award for “Best Music Video,” and Amit Sarin was recognized for the “Best Actor” award.

Vineesha Arora Sarin is a trailblazer in regards to film; she represents for the very first time that a Female has been the recipient of the prestigious “Best Narrative Feature Film” award. Additionally, and more importantly, the first time that a female has directed, produced, and written a smartphone narrative feature film.

Representatives, Greta Joanne Entertainment, recently returned from a successful business trip to this year’s Festival de Cannes where they represented the film for its pre-sales and distribution rights.

On Friday, August 27, 2021 at 6PM Between Mountains will host a special media screening at the renowned Chaplin Theater Raleigh Studios, Hollywood.