AUO to Debut Stunning Series of ALED Displays at Touch Taiwan 2021 with World-leading Micro LED Technology and Applications on Showcase

AUO LED display can also be assembled to build a curved simulated scenario for racing with P1.25 small pixel pitch, showing immersive visual impact

AU Optronics Corp. (“AUO” or the “Company”) will participate in Touch Taiwan 2021 at the Nangang Exhibition Center from April 21 to 23. With “Infinite Splendors” being the theme, AUO will showcase a whole series of AUO proprietary ALED technologies and applications, including the industry-leading adoption of cutting-edge micro LED display technology to home entertainment and automotive applications; small pitch LED display solutions perfect for indoor and outdoor retail spaces, and performance or exhibition venues. Next-generation sensing and touch technologies targeting at financial and medical applications, new applications of eye-care technology, smart retail solutions consisting of comprehensive software and hardware integration, and successful cases of circular economy will also be exhibited. AUO will demonstrate its leading position through integrating core display technologies with AIoT to drive innovative field applications and shape the industry ecosystem.

Introducing a Whole Series of ALED
Micro LED as Flagship Heading New Generation of Display Applications
AUO has dedicated to the development of advanced display technology. In the early years, AUO has already invested in micro LED technology and introduced it to automotive applications as industry pioneer. This time, AUO will release a whole series of proprietary ALED technologies and applications. Featuring micro LED, innovative products will be further introduced to home entertainment and automotive market. In the meantime, with integrated module, system, installation and after-sale services, AUO will work with its group members and ecosystem partners to engage in large indoor/outdoor spaces by using small pitch LED display solutions to build ultra large LED wall for retail, performance, exhibition and visual entertainment venues.

Through modular design, LED display can be assembled into giant signage or curved screen as desired. The ultra large LED wall showcased in Touch TW features a pixel pitch as small as P1.25, going beyond the mainstream spec of P2. The LED wall, capable of showing immersive visual impact and realistic 3D effect, will be the most up-to-date perfect choice for department stores, malls, high-end business spaces or enterprise war rooms. On the other hand, while international travel is difficult for filming in the post-pandemic era, it can also be assembled to construct the setting locally where actors can give their best performance. The LED displays can also be assembled to build a curved simulated scenario for racing. The virtual scenario displayed on the curved assembly, complementing by the 6-axis dynamic driver’s seat developed by Brogent, the leader of simulation technology, creates a more immersive experience for the racing driver.

Innovative Micro LED Applied for Human-vehicle Interface and Home Entertainment, Delivering Groundbreaking Display Forms and Unparalleled Performance Exploiting the advantages of micro LED, including high brightness, high contrast, wide color gamut, fast response and high reliability, AUO combines the consistently enhanced mass transfer process technology with the active matrix LTPS back panel process cultivated for years and driving circuit design to present a series of automotive display applications.

AUO’s 12.1-inch micro LED display with 169PPI is a monolithic micro LED display, which utilizes color conversion technology and features high weather resistance and stability. Along with high brightness LED, the display can clearly present traffic information to the driver even under bright sunlight to ensure safety. This model can be applied to automotive dashboards or central console displays. Last year, AUO released the world’s first and largest monolithic flexible Micro LED display(*), a 9.4-inch flexible micro LED display with 228PPI. Carrying RGB LED and possessing the highest resolution in the same class, this display provides a 120% NTSC and is presented as an S-shaped CID by assembling two panels with different inward and outward curvature. This year, AUO further partners with PlayNitride to demonstrate the 1.39-inch full circle micro LED display for the first time. Boasting the world’s highest pixel density of up to 338PPI(*), it can be used as the electronic knob for the central console. AUO’s unique free-form cutting technology provides tailored solutions for automotive manufacturers to develop various automotive dashboard designs for more intuitive operation as well as enhanced driving safety. The full circle micro LED display module can also be applied to wearable devices. Its 338 PPI pixel density, ultra-wide viewing angle and high brightness features are fit for wearable in all sorts of application scenarios, from static to movement, and from sunny to snowy day. Micro LED is able to display crystal-clear information and optimize users’ visual experience substantially.

In the exhibition, AUO will also showcase micro LED display developed with global consumer electronics giants. A proprietary active matrix is applied, along with LTPS process glass substrate technology and tri-color LED light source at micron level, together realize vivid colors with precise brightness ultra-fine image quality. The modular design goes beyond the existing TV frame and can be assembled to fit the installation space to create a unique micro LED display that subverts the imagination of top-class home audio visual experiences.

Mini LED Backlit Gaming Displays Reviving Game Scenes with Ultimate Image Quality
With years of dedications, AUO has become the global leader in gaming displays. In response to the growing demand for high image quality, high contrast and low latency, AUO has extended its top-notch display technologies to a wide range of gaming display models. This time, AUO will present a 32-inch gaming monitor panel and 17.3-inch gaming notebook panel, both equipped with mini LED backlighting and UHD 4K high resolution. Besides the AHVA (advanced hyper-viewing angle) feature, AUO has employed mini LED dimming technology to achieve a mega dynamic contrast ratio. The displays meet the highest VESA DisplayHDR 1400 and 1000 performance levels respectively(*), perfectly capturing both bright and dark image details to provide gamers with most lifelike and immersive gaming experience possible. Meanwhile, AUO’s 25-inch FHD AHVA gaming display boasts the industry-leading 360Hz refresh rate(*), reducing the response time to mere 1ms, delivering motion images without blurs to offer extremely fast-paced and smooth gaming experience.

High-quality Image and Color of Mini LED Backlighting Enabling More Accurate Medical Judgment
Precision is the key to medical work and high-quality image and color build the foundation of precision medicine. The world’s first(*) 32-inch 4K Mini LED surgical display panel equipped with 2304 dimming zones, employs the advanced Deep Red technology for optimum display of red colors, can realistically display minute differences in human body tissues and blood to help physicians make more accurate judgments in endoscopy and surgery.

2021 Smart Display Innovative Application Forum will be held concurrently with the exhibition. AUO President and COO Frank Ko will deliver a speech entitled “New Frontiers in Taiwan Display Industry” on April 21 and AUO Chief Technology Officer Wei-Lung Liau will also deliver a speech entitled “Commercializing Micro LED: Application, Technology and Challenge” on April 22. We cordially welcome you to visit us at Touch Taiwan 2021 to experience the infinite possibilities of AUO’s technology and solution.

*Based on the available market research information as of April 13, 2021.

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