Asset Protection Attorney and Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton announces Pre-Order for ‘Scam-Proof Your Assets’ Financial Education Book

Based on 30+ years of experience helping clients protect their personal and business assets, Bestselling Author and Asset Protection Attorney Garrett Sutton announces Pre-Order is now available on Amazon for his new book, “Scam-Proof Your Assets – Guarding Against Widespread Deception” (October 27, 2020, RDA Press) with the Foreword by Robert Kiyosaki (“Rich Dad Poor Dad”). Humans tend to be optimists at heart, emotional, and often overlook red flags and misinformation that is explained in this must-read book with real-life examples.

“Garrett Sutton is my personal asset protection attorney. He has saved me tens of millions by protecting me and my companies from financial predators…very smart financial predators,” emphasizes Robert Kiyosaki, Author of the Number 1 personal finance book of all time, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, and the top selling book in 2020 in this category.

As the Founder of Corporate Direct and Author of seven Rich Dad Advisors Series financial education books, Sutton explains, “Our primary goal with this new book is to give you the tools and context to protect yourself against deceptive misinformation intended to steal your assets.”

Based on case studies, including Frank Abagnale Jr. (“Catch Me If You Can” film), readers will learn how to use Critical Thinking (CT) and be smarter. Using these examples, the author outlines ways to avoid health care hoaxes, dramatic weight loss programs that sound too good to be true, email scams, imposter schemes, real estate rips offs, complex Wall Street pyramid schemes, tax scams, fake charities after a disaster and more.

Sutton adds, “It’s easy to say, ‘Oh man, I can’t believe they fell for that, I would never be that stupid’, then judge others for falling victim, but over 3.2 million Americans report incidents of fraud each year, and that’s only the people who actually said anything – a great many don’t.”

This new book explains why two groups are most impacted, including:

1. Millennials are more prone to lose money than any other age group with 40 percent of Americans in their 20s reporting fraud and saying they lost money in 2017 (CNBC).

2. Elderly lose the most money or $37 billion a year to fraud, and 70+ lose more money to fraudsters than any other generation. (Bloomberg).

Everyone must read “Scam-Proof Your Assets” and take action to “Fight Back!”, including:

  • How to keep your guard up to stay protected with a “BS Detector”.
  • How to think clearly with Critical Thinking (CT), while making an average of 35,000 conscious decisions a day.
  • Why you should protect your identity with your life.
  • How to avoid being a vulnerable mark who is craving a good deal.
  • How to quickly identify a Con Man or Con Artist.
  • How to identify red flag patterns of greed and fear, “expert” positioning, and charm as manipulation.
  • How to avoid getting hacked as a business owner.
  • Why understanding what you are signing, before you sign it, is so important.
  • Why you should always ask a lot of questions and never make urgent payments.
  • Why you want to create emotional distance and don’t trust deals, just verify.
  • And in Chapter 13, there is a proposed solution that describes Cyber Bounty Hunters. Readers can learn what the U.S. Constitution allows, and what has been done in the past to stop criminals.

In a year filled with uncertainty with the pandemic, election and economic challenges, people are looking for this type of financial education resource. And according to the NPD Group, personal financial books have been on the rise in the United States since 2017, and have accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March.

Find Sutton’s “3 golden rules for asset protection” and more in “Scam-Proof Your Assets;” along with a special Appendix on “Suicide and Cyber Criminality” written by Ted Sutton (University of Wisconsin College of Law) and Will Boyden (Gonzaga University business student).

NEW BOOK available for PRE-ORDER on AMAZON
“Scam-Proof Your Assets – Guarding Against Widespread Deception”
(October 27, 2020, RDA Press)

GARRETT SUTTON, ESQ is the Founder of Corporate Direct and Sutton Law Center, Rich Dad Advisor and Bestselling Author of seven Rich Dad Advisors Series books, including: Start Your Own Corporation, Loopholes of Real Estate, Writing Winning Business Plans and Run Your Own Corporation, Buying and Selling a Business, and The ABCs of Getting Out of Debt. He is also a Contributor to More Important Than Money, An Entrepreneur’s Team (Rich Dad Advisors Series, RDA Press). Sutton is a nationally acclaimed corporate and asset protection attorney. A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Hastings College of the Law, the University of California’s law school in San Francisco, Garrett has written a number of books guiding entrepreneurs and investors. For over 30 years, Sutton’s Corporate Direct and Sutton Law Center has provided affordable asset protection and corporate formation and maintenance services for investors around the world. Sutton and his work have featured on FOX and Friends, BBC World News, Newsmax, ESPN Cover Your Assets Radio Show, and in Forbes, and other media. For more information, visit