As Remote Work and Racial Injustice Mark 2020, Millie Launches Workplace Giving Platform to Bring Employees Together

Web app created by a Boston entrepreneur helps companies of all sizes democratize giving back and build corporate social responsibility programs

The workplace in 2020 paints a different picture than anyone could have imagined in years past. Nearly every aspect of work is changing; companies are moving to remote workspaces, laying off employees, dealing with a pandemic, all as we start to take diversity and equity in the workplace more seriously. These shifts reflect the start of a decade where companies across industries are taking a more active stance on social issues as social impact is being sparked in the workplace. Additionally, remote workforces are looking for ways to create a strong sense of community while being virtual. Today, Millie announced its launch of an accessible workplace giving platform that helps companies do exactly that. 

When racial injustice came to the forefront of 2020, companies began issuing statements and creating action plans. Take one of Millie’s pilot customers, RStudio, as an example. Committed to being active participants in the fight for racial equity, they stand with #BlackLivesMatter by matching employee donations to nonprofits like the ACLU, NAACP, Equal Justice Initiative and more. RStudio, who is a leader in the data science space and invests in free and open-source software for data science, are the creators of the development environment for R, a programming language for statistical computing and graphics. Like Millie, RStudio is a Public Benefit Corporation committed to social impact. Kaitlyn Horwitz, Culture and Community Partner at RStudio shared, “We’ve always had a strong desire to advocate for many different causes. Millie and their user-friendly interface was just the platform we needed to engage our remotely-distributed team and build community.” 

With its easy-to-use interface, Millie’s new workplace giving and volunteering platform allows companies to create community amongst their employees who are working remotely and are feeling more engaged in social issues than ever before. Each company has a live dashboard to showcase its activity, progress towards goals, and overall impact. Employees can easily find and discover nonprofits from the database of over 1.7 million, and get their dollars matched by their employer; meanwhile, companies can set annual match caps at the individual or company level and set criteria around impact areas they support. 

Millie’s focus is not on the usual large Fortune 500 companies that legacy corporate giving software was built for, but the small, medium, and mid-market businesses that power the globe and are looking for ways to give back and connect with their teams. Rachel Klausner, Founder and CEO of Millie said “it’s truly been amazing watching companies rally behind their employees around the causes they care about. We’re seeing a lot of early traction with companies that have great company culture and want to make sure it stays strong throughout the pandemic as their workforce is dispersed—and give back while they do it.”

Source: Millie