Apollo Bath Announces Safe, State-of-the-Art Bathing Systems for Long-term Care Facilities

Zach Papenhausen and Todd Binsfeld (Owners)

Zach Papenhausen and Todd Binsfeld (Owners)

“Bath time should be a safe, dignified event.”

Somerset-based manufacturer of care bathtubs, Apollo Bath, is pleased to announce its collection of safe, state-of-the-art bathing systems for senior living and long-term care facilities. Apollo Bath’s new offerings include Solares™ Spa, the Advantage™ Spa, and Essence™ Spa bathing systems.

These bathing systems are designed with the safety and hygiene of seniors in mind to provide a holistic, luxurious bathing experience for senior adults in long-term care facilities.

According to Apollo Bath President and CEO Zach Papenhausen, developing products that improve the quality of life or enhance the experience for senior citizens should be at the core of any business to make senior living moments memorable.

Apollo Solares™ Spa
Apollo Bath’s Solares™ Spa Bathing System is safe and easy to use and provides a luxurious, end-entry spa experience that leaves residents clean and pampered. Apollo Bath gives residents safety and hygiene top priority in its bathing systems.

The Solares™ Spa Bathing System is designed to work with the company’s signature water purification system, Remedy+™ Germicidal UV. The UV light system is 50% more intense than the regular water purification system. It helps eliminate bacteria and viruses in bathing water while improving infection control in long-term care facilities.

Apollo Bath Advantage™ Spa
Apollo Bath’s Advantage™ Spa is designed with a state-of-the-art, user-friendly access door and Level Glide™ Transfer System that moves bathers comfortably into a secure chair.
The Level Glide™ Transfer System provides a certain level of safety not commonly found in standard lift devices.

It offers protection against scalding with features that include high-quality hydrostatic temperature control valves and thermometers to monitor water temperature variations.

Apollo Essence™ Spa
Long-term care facilities looking for bathing systems that feature safety, comfort, ease of use, and impressive aesthetic appeal will find the Apollo Essence™ Spa quite ideal. The Apollo Essence™ provides health-improving features like hydrotherapy, plus an easy-to-use bathing experience that residents and caregivers are sure to enjoy.

“The unique door sets the Essence™ apart from others on the market,” says Papenhausen. “The door accommodates many room footprints with no outward swinging door that requires space. And, at the same time, the door allows for easy access because there is no inward swing door that gets in the way. The disappearing door reduces safety hazards in a typical transfer tub and makes getting in the tub easy for people with larger frames.”

Hydrotherapy Bathing System
To ensure that seniors enjoy the multiple health benefits of hydrotherapy, Apollo Bath reports that all of its new bathing systems can be configured to create an air spa as well as an FDA Class II whirlpool hydrotherapy spa. The whirlpool hydrotherapy spa provides constant warm water circulation that massages the joints, skin, and muscles and dilates blood muscles.

“These benefits of hydrotherapy are both for the bather and the person giving care. When a resident or person in your care is comfortable and more relaxed, those residents are less apt to be agitated or hard to cope with,” said Todd Binsfeld, Chief Growth Officer at Apollo Bath.

“The Advantage™ bathing system is designed for the bather. Our seating chair faces forward, towards the open room area. This allows the bather to see the room, know what is happening in that room, and therefore feel in control. There is no lift system eliminating that “hanging” feeling and safety concerns during a bath. Bath time should be a safe, dignified event.” Papenhausen added.

Final Thoughts About Apollo Bath
Apollo Bath is an industry leader and innovative expert in sophisticated bathing systems focusing on skincare, high-level hygiene, and infection control. They have dedicated four decades to serving the needs of Long Term Care and Senior Care service providers while keeping their residents happy. Apollo Bath is committed to delivering quality products and services that exceed customer and industry expectations.

They provide professional and reliable support with design consultation and technical assistance and are available 24/7.

For more information, go to https://apollobath.com/

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