Announcing, the First All-In-One Financial Platform for Freelancers

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“Being self-employed is incredibly empowering, but it’s not without its challenges. Pallo is built to reduce the stress and complexity of financial admin that come with being freelance,” said Henry Barclay, Co-Founder of Pallo.

COVID has expedited the transition to remote working as workers nationwide moved from traditional jobs to freelancing. While being independent allows for creative freedom, flexibility, and financial autonomy, people often feel overwhelmed with managing their finances., which launched today on Product Hunt, provides an innovative solution to help alleviate those obstacles via an all-in-one SaaS financial platform for freelancers.

The AI integrated app manages all business and personal finances, accounting, and taxes in one place and promises to change the game for freelancer financial management. Pallo’s simple, yet comprehensive design sets it apart from anything else in the marketplace and eliminates the need for any additional financial software.

During COVID, Pallo has rapidly scaled a diverse team of over 40 members whose prior work experience ranges from Intuit, H&R Block, Microsoft to Credit Karma. Initially self-funded by its founders, Pallo has since garnered pre-seed investment from successful and tech savvy entrepreneurs including Michael Ragheb (Elemy), Richard Olver (Crowdstrike), Tony Jamous (Oyster HR), Omar Haroun (Text IQ), Peter Bruce-Clark (Social Impact Capital), angel investor group Gaingels, VCs like Alcove and Keen Growth Capital, and community bank consortium Alloy Labs.

“Being self-employed is incredibly empowering, but it’s not without its challenges. Pallo is built to reduce the stress and complexity of financial admin that come with being freelance,” said Henry Barclay, Co-Founder of Pallo. “We are excited to launch Pallo, providing innovative solutions to freelancers that make managing finances easier; it’s that simple.”

As one of the first companies in the U.S. to utilize open banking, customers can freely move money between their bank accounts within Pallo and manage multiple lines of business / multiple businesses from one Pallo account. It enables customers to manage budgets, insights, invoices, mileage tracking, and time tracking.

“Pallo is built from the ground up with user experience design and security at its very core. We worked with freelancers every step of the way to make sure every click, tap or swipe was intuitive and simple. On average Pallo helps reduce 5-7 applications and subscriptions freelancers might use to run their business. This all-in-one experience has been powerful in saving time and money for the freelancers currently using Pallo,” mentioned Adiraj Gupta, co-founder of Pallo.

What Makes the Pallo App Unique:
Manage all finances in one place- Add unlimited personal and business accounts to Pallo. Credit/debit cards too. Create, schedule, and manage payments
Handles taxes- All transactions are organized, expenses are logged, revenue accounted for
Organize receipts- Photograph receipts with Pallo and its AI helps categorize them
An AI assistant that never sleeps- It’s like an assistant, accountant, and financial planner in one place
Get paid faster- With Pallo’s slick and smart invoicing system
Set goals and beat them- Measure financial health with Pallo at the tip of your finger

Other benefits:
Encrypted: All user data is encrypted and isolated with multi factor authentication and bank grade security
Smart & Secure: Real-time transaction notification and smart insights keep customers in control
Private, Forever: Pallo never sells personal information and protects privacy at every step

After successful careers as professionals in both large corporations and growing startups, Co-Founders Henry Barclay, Sanin Mody, and Adiraj Gupta transitioned to becoming freelancers. They quickly recognized how difficult it was for self-employed individuals to manage their finances and file taxes. After several months of speaking to other freelancers, they confirmed it was a widespread issue. Soon thereafter, they created Pallo, built by freelancers for freelancers.

“Freelancing and self-employment are not only career choices but also lifestyle choices that require independent thinking, self-responsibility, and an incredible amount of organization. We created Pallo to help ease the challenges that come hand in hand with self-employment so our customers can focus on what matters most for their livelihoods and less on administrative burdens,” adds Sanin Mody, Co-Founder of Pallo.

About Pallo
BMG Technologies Inc. (dba Pallo) was founded in late 2020 by experienced professionals turned freelancers. Through its financial platform, Pallo provides an all-in-one SaaS financial platform for freelancers. Pallo’s mission is to empower people to live life on their terms, to help build a world where everyone has the ability and freedom to fulfill their dreams. For more information visit, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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