Announcing ArmorVax, the Future of Vaccine Processing and Reporting

With the release of the COVID-19 vaccination and the CDC’s 24-hour reporting requirement, many health departments are searching for a solution. 

RB Medical Supply continues its mission to meet the needs of everyone affected by the pandemic with its newest product, “ArmorVax.” This new healthcare technology aims to connect patients to vaccine providers and streamline the immunization process.

The ArmorVax mobile vaccine app offers consumers the ability to find a vaccine provider and schedule an appointment at a time and location most convenient for them while keeping their vaccination records at their fingertips. For users who do not have access to a smartphone, a website interface is available to create an account, schedule an appointment and generate a QR Code that can be given to the medical provider at their appointment.

For medical providers, ArmorVax offers much more. In addition to defining locations and appointment times, medical providers can customize pre-appointment questions, patient consent, and on-site instructions. After the QR code is scanned and identity confirmed, the vaccine is administered to the patient and all data is ready for importing into the state immunization registry. The automation of ArmorVax reduces the administrative burden for medical providers significantly.

The vaccine app and consumer website are on track to launch for full public use by Dec. 25, 2020. Consumers can currently access the beta testing version of the app on Google Play and the App Store through TestFlight. 

Visit the ArmorVax website to learn more about the vaccine app and sign-up for updates.

As a division of RB Sigma, LLC, RB Medical Supply is a top tier medical supplier for COVID-19 PPE and provides wholesale medical supplies for government organizations, medical associations, general industries and private consumers. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has made it easier than ever to order PPE online, offering face masks & shields and more. Headquartered in Mentor, OH., the company serves local Cleveland hospitals, along with facilities, small businesses and communities around the world. 

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Source: ArmorVax