Aisera’s Conservational AI for Microsoft Teams Will Change the Future of Work

Aisera partners with Microsoft Teams to automate IT support and employee experience with their AI Service Desk

​Aisera, the leader in artificial intelligence innovation and customer service, announced today the integration of its AI Service Desk with Microsoft Teams. This integration will speed up and simplify Microsoft’s resolution of internal support tickets for IT with self-service resolutions through Aisera’s platform based on conversational AI, natural learning understanding search (NLU Search), and unsupervised natural language processing (NLP).

Previously employees had to wait an average of three days to resolve their internal IT issues, as support desks were stretched thin and unable to meet Business Service-Level Agreements (SLA). This problem amplified during the pandemic, leaving many internal support organizations unprepared.

“With the emergence of work from anywhere, the integration of Aisera within Microsoft Teams propels employee productivity to levels not seen before and dramatically improves the employee experience, as users’ IT or HR support requests are resolved instantly within their Microsoft Teams channel,” said Muddu Sudhakar, founder and CEO of Aisera.

Aisera’s patented Unsupervised NLU capability powers their Conservational AI and Conversational RPA products built on a scalable, cloud-native artificial intelligence technology stack, providing customers with higher productivity levels and satisfaction. Now companies can leverage Aisera’s pre-built integration to Microsoft products from Azure, Teams, Active Directory, Office 365, and SharePoint, as well as leading ticketing systems such as Service Now, JIRA, Salesforce, Zendesk, and BMC, bootstrapping the virtual assistant to deliver instant resolution to IT, HR, Sales, and Customer support domains.

“Microsoft is excited about partnering with Aisera for Microsoft Teams. As businesses are supporting digital workers, the importance of employee engagement and collaboration is critical for businesses,” said Bhrighu Sareen, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Teams. “Our partnership with Aisera will help employees dramatically improve self-service for IT and service desks with AI and automation on the Teams platform. Delivering scalable and collaborative engagement between users both internally and externally to improve business efficiencies as well as overall user experience.”​

Aisera Delivers the Benefits of AI to NJ Transit

With the integration of Aisera, customers have been able to boost their user adoption rates of Microsoft Teams, delivering instant value to employees. NJ Transit, the nation’s largest statewide public transportation system, adopted Aisera to improve their self-service capabilities to deliver autonomous resolutions to users and automate IT requests through Microsoft Teams reducing resolution times.

“During these challenging times, NJ Transit provides essential transportation to hospital workers, first responders, and others on the front lines,” said Bilal Khan, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at NJ Transit. “We partnered with Aisera’s AI Service Desk and Microsoft Teams in providing self-service to users, employees, and service agents to improve NJT’​s operations, productivity, and user engagement. Aisera is instrumental in providing self-service to users, employees, and service agents to improve operations, productivity, and user engagement.”

“Companies using Teams can now rely on Aisera’s superior user experience and enjoy enhanced productivity, including a dramatic reduction in issue resolution time and an 80 percent improvement in customer satisfaction,” added Sudhakar.

In the past, enterprise IT and Help Desk support lagged due to a lack of AI, RPA, collaboration, and self-service experience to users. Now Aisera not only adds AI and machine learning for Microsoft Teams but also automates multi-step workflows with natural conversations and dialog interactions with users. Aisera delivers a superior understanding of requests, intents, sentiments, and key messages from users, adding​ an exceptional AI service experience.

“At Microsoft, we are extremely pleased that Microsoft Teams technology is helping to drive engagement for the remote workforce during these changing times,” says Prashant Sharma, Microsoft Growth Stage Startups Program Lead. “Our strategic Azure and Teams partner, Aisera, is providing users and employees with self-service using Microsoft Teams to interact, engage, and communicate to complete requests, repetitive tasks, actions and help desk services autonomously. Together, Microsoft and Aisera offer next-generation collaboration and improved business productivity while delivering an exceptional user experience.”


About Aisera:

Aisera offers the world’s first AI-driven service experience solution that automates operations and support for IT, HR, Sales, and Customer Service, making businesses and customers successful by offering consumer-like self-service resolutions to users. Aisera fast tracks the digital transformation journey with user and service behavioral intelligence that drives end-to-end automation of tasks, actions, and business processes. Aisera is a top-tier, VC-funded startup headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and a strategic partner with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, ServiceNow, Atlassian, Zendesk, Datadog, Automation Anywhere, UiPath, and Salesforce.


Elizabeth Domenech | national strategies public relations | 813-865-3093

Source: Aisera