Airtasker in Atlanta: The Marketplace Announces Its Fourth City for U.S. Expansion

Airtasker, a trusted marketplace for local services, today announced Atlanta as the next key market for its U.S. expansion, while Georgia records the largest increase in the resignation level across the country. Following the company’s acquisition of Zaarly in May 2021, Airtasker launched initial marketplaces in Kansas City, Dallas and Miami, making Atlanta the fourth U.S. city where it will double down its efforts.

Airtasker vetted different cities for its key market focus based on population demographics, tech-savviness and the community’s appetite for outsourcing tasks, and Atlanta received high scores in all areas, making the city an ideal location for Airtasker to offer real value.

With roughly 470,000 self-employed Georgia residents and more than half of them in the Atlanta metro area¹, there’s an opportunity to build a two-sided marketplace to connect “Taskers” embracing flexible work with people who need a task done.

“From the city’s diversity to its thriving entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to propelling creators forward, we’re confident we can empower people to monetize their unique skills at a time when they are looking for more flexible work,” said Airtasker U.S. CEO Bo Fishback.

Reports of the “Great Resignation” show the number of quits increased across 14 states in August 2021, with Georgia recording 35,000 quits² – the largest increase in the quit level – which could prompt more Atlantans to join the flexible labor economy. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic gave people an opportunity to pause and reflect, which is why workers have voluntarily quit their jobs to find better work-life balance. While many employees were laid off or forced to take pay cuts during the pandemic, the pendulum has now swung and people are starting to take more control of their lives,” said Fishback.

“Airtasker exists to empower service providers to create income and purpose, and to help people get more done, so we’re excited to help Atlantans bounce back following the pandemic.”

Airtasker connects customers who need a task completed – like cleaning, delivery, yard work or handyperson services – with rated, reviewed and skilled local service providers ready to work straight away.

About Airtasker

Airtasker is a trusted community marketplace that connects people who need work done with people who want to work. Since launching in Australia in 2012, Airtasker has established a global community of over 4.7 million users. 

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¹ The Atlanta Journal Constitution “Gig workers and self-employed not getting Georgia jobless checks yet” (April 2020)

² U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: State Job Openings and Labor Turnover (August 2021)

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