Adam Carolla calls on Americans under quarantine to ‘be much more self-sufficient’

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Comedian Adam Carolla, who is currently living under a shelter-in-place order issued by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday that people under coronavirus quarantine should make the best of their situation.

“What about having a garden? What about being a little self-sufficient?” Carolla told host Tucker Carlson. “For the last week, I wanted to get a haircut, but I can’t get a haircut because the place is closed, and I thought, if this is 50 years ago, my wife would cut my hair, and my wife would cut my kids’ hair, and I would be down in the garage working on something, and we would be much more self-sufficient.”


“We could use this time to get back to those activities,” he said, adding that self-sufficiency isn’t a “financial thing” that only wealthy people can have.

“It’s about the story and it’s about the interaction of Mom cutting the [son’s] hair. Think about all the great conversations that took place [years ago],” Carolla went on.


“I thought: we are all at home, all stuck, all wish we had skills we don’t possess, such as cutting hair or putting up shelves in the garage with a dad, or what have you. Maybe this will be a nice window to learn some of those old skills and those skills that bring us together.”

Carolla said that he hoped to revisit some of the self-sufficient customs that made America great.

“There is a practical side to it too,” he added. “Being able to iron your own clothes and cut your own hair and cook your own food means you don’t have to rely on the outside world.”