Ad Fraud Damage Reaches $3.95 Billion. Spider Labs Releases 2020 Second Semester Ad Fraud White Paper

Tokyo-based cybersecurity company Spider Labs Ltd. has released the 2020 Second Semester Ad Fraud White Paper. The white paper reveals the result of 627 billion data points analyzed by Spider AF, one of the largest ad fraud countermeasure tools in Japan, during the second half of 2020. (Survey period: July 1, 2020 – Dec. 31, 2020.) Download the report here.

White Paper Background

Ad fraud is the practice of fraudulently stealing advertising expenses by creating the appearance of human interaction and impressions through online ads. Ad fraud is a product of the complexity and lack of transparency in ad delivery. Ad fraud methods are becoming more sophisticated, with damages growing year by year. The Digital Platform Transparency Act was implemented on Feb. 1, 2021 as an effort to increase transaction transparency in the digital marketplace. 

The white paper is intended to be of interest to all those involved in digital advertising and to provide an understanding of ad fraud trends. The report also includes a look at how COVID-19 has changed ad fraud, the latest analysis on web advertising, and the Shared Blacklist. The Shared Blacklist is an initiative where members work together to combat ad fraud and improve the health of the advertising industry. (Click here for more details.)

・2020 Second Semester Ad Fraud White Paper Contents



・About Spider AF

・What Is Ad Fraud?

・By the Numbers


・Fraud rate monthly breakdown

・COVID-19 in Japan (Timeline)

・Monthly App Install (Rate)

・App Installs (By Category)

・Click Farm

・Click Flooding

・Web Advertisers

・Web Placement Analysis

・What is SBL?


Source: Spider Labs