Aculab SMS and Voice APIs Deliver HIPAA-Compliant Health Experiences to Build Secure and Seamless Customer Communications

Aculab, a leader in healthcare cloud communications helping businesses scale and digitize their communication and customer experiences, has announced HIPAA-compliant SMS and Voice capabilities with Aculab Cloud CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service), driving engagement in accordance with HIPAA Guidelines.  

Communications between patients and health practitioners are key in today’s digital healthcare experiences. Building a robust, scalable patient journey includes appointment reminders, care and drug reminders, test result notifications and much more. Leveraged together, Aculab Cloud Voice and SMS APIs allow these communications to be seamlessly embedded within healthcare providers’ existing healthcare applications.

“Since COVID-19, the healthcare world has drastically changed, as patients and providers adapt to telehealth solutions. The time is now to drive real change in the healthcare industry with seamless and convenient digital experiences,” said Mark Luckin, Director of Aculab Cloud. By combining Aculab Cloud Voice and SMS APIs, providers have the power to build HIPAA-compliant personalized patient communication journeys, with unparalleled security and customer support. 

Aculab Cloud has integrated Amazon Polly text to speech and Google speech recognition. Both of these powerful functions are AI-driven and are receiving huge investments from their parent companies. Phone calls and SMS text are great for appointment reminders because of their ubiquity. Benefits to healthcare communications that leverage the Aculab Cloud include:

  • Automated Appointment Experience – Manage appointment scheduling easily via mobile appointment check-in and pre- and post-visit text alerts. When complete, follow-up with text surveys, collecting valuable patient feedback.
  • Patient Relationship Management – Organizations, like eClinicalWorks, a client of Aculab, can provide a higher standard of care with convenient mobile prescription notices, important healthcare reminders, and important follow-ups.
  • Health Emergency Readiness – Ensure alerts in real time during time-critical circumstances. Organizations can stay prepared with a secure text and voice message solutions.
  • Authentication – Authenticate patients and ensure privacy and security – using Aculab Cloud trusted Voice Biometrics, VoiSentry.

Learn how Aculab Cloud enables healthcare providers to build HIPAA-compliant customer communications and create innovative customer experiences.

About Aculab

Aculab Cloud CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) enables powerful, programmable, easy-to-integrate APIs to make, take and interact with voice and video calls, and send and receive SMS and fax messages.

Source: Aculab