Accidents Happen. LegalRideshare Provides Uber Drivers With Helpful Steps on How to Handle Them.

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease and ride-hailing usage increases, the inevitability of accidents will also be on the rise. LegalRideshare, the only firm entirely dedicated to accidents and injuries, sheds light on what Uber drivers, delivery drivers and gig workers should do in these situations.     

The top four steps include: 

  • #1) Ensure the Safety of All Passengers: Verbally confirm the safety of passengers to ensure that they have not sustained any major injuries as a result of the accident. ​
  • #2) Obtain Passenger Information: It is crucial for drivers to obtain their passengers’ full names and contact information. These individuals are witnesses and can offer unbiased evidence as to the facts of the crash and the liability of the drivers.
  • #3) Call the Police: Call the local police department to file a police report. This report should include the facts of the accident, the positions of the cars involved, and the actions and statements of any individuals involved in the incident.
  • #4) Seek Medical Attention: Drivers who lack health insurance may be hesitant to seek medical treatment, due to financial constraints. Law firms like LegalRideshare can assist drivers in locating doctors who treat patients without medical insurance, thereby allowing the injured person to get the treatment they need. 

“One of the biggest mistakes people make after a crash is failing to obtain timely medical treatment,” said Bryant Greening, an attorney and co-founder of LegalRideshare. “Long gaps between the date of an accident and medical care are devastating to bodily injury claims. It allows the insurance company to argue the accident did not cause the injury.” 

As the leading law firm for gig economy workers, LegalRideshare has secured millions of dollars for injured drivers, passengers, and victims. The firm serves as the national voice on gig economy law, policy and safety issues, having been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, CNN, and many other national media outlets. 

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