ABI CEO Dave Haley Tells Elon Musk ‘We’re Ready for It’

In response to Musk’s statements putting the insurance industry “on notice” about a “great, major insurance company.”

CEO Dave Haley announced that American Business Insurance Services, Inc. has on-boarded an additional 5,000 rideshare & delivery vehicles — officially declaring the personal auto market “a Dead-End.”­­

However, CEO Haley, a two Tesla family, and an Elon Musk fan does not feel threatened by Musk’s statement of putting the “insurance industry on notice.”

While Musk may have the science, Haley insists, it takes both Art and Science to operate his self-proclaimed Rideshare & For-Hire “Tech Insurance Factory” that he started building decades ago.

In a COVID era where more and more Xennials are Instacarting Groceries and DoorDashing dinners to their homes for their families, Haley says it’s only a matter of time before people stop buying personal cars altogether.

Furthermore, it used to be that teenagers could not wait until they were old enough to get a driver’s license and a car. Now, Millennials are not rushing to the DMV and instead are relying on Uber, Lyft, and even Regulated Taxis for their transportation needs.

Long before Uber and Lyft came into play, American Business Insurance had been writing Usage-Based Insurance policies for the Livery, For-Hire industry. ABI has since created Insurance Programs such as their “Limiter Policy,” proprietary Period X™ and Period Zero™ Insurance Platforms, which cater to Fleet Owners that rent to Rideshare, On-Demand Drivers and Rental Cars.

ABI’s latest secret release is their ABI CrashBoxx, Period Y™ and Telematics’ Driver Matrix (announcing soon). We could be there before the accidents.

“With our on-line Fully Automated Digital Insurance Platforms, ‘The Real Odometer’ and unique UBI, we got this!” states Haley, adding, “We are no longer a commodity.”

ABI’s underwriting drills right down to driver performance, while the ABI Crashboxx™ captures accident data while it’s transpiring.

CEO Haley says, “We dug in on this business years ago and are uniquely situated to take on my friend Elon’s challenge.” Haley says it’s likely that both will win.

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