A New Book ‘A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump’ Analyzes How America is Threatening Its Own Democracy

AG Media Inc. announced that a new book titled “A Nation Of Sheep Will Believe A Trump”, launched recently by author Arun K. Govil, examines the threat posed to American democracy by manipulative news outlets, fake social media posts and racially divisive rhetoric which has caused citizens to live in a sealed bubble of false information inviolable to reality.

The book can be purchased from the website: https://www.agmedia.online.

The book goes into The Dunning Kruger effect, which was named after psychologists Justin Kruger and David Dunning, and explains that many people have a blind spot that makes them overestimate their knowledge, especially in those areas which are alien to them. They are also either misinformed or under-informed about the problems around them and are unaware of it due to the blind spot.  

The book outlines that, in general, when Trump told his supporters that crime is skyrocketing in democratic states, or that COVID is under control, or that Russia did not interfere in US elections or that the economy under Obama was the worst ever, many believed it and felt that they were armed with the best of facts and could argue with anyone about it. 

The book, A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump analyzes the disparity in political knowledge of American voters and depicts that the current US constitution is of no help against the dangers posed by a president like Trump with the help of certain right-wing media who can easily manipulate people through fake social media and racially divisive misinformation to turn the US democracy into a dictatorship. 

The book is available for purchase from here: BUY THE BOOK NOW. 


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Source: AG Media Inc.