A Magical Moment for Ukraine

Dallas, TX, March 18, 2022 –(PR.com)– A Magical Moment for Ukraine Families.

Magicians around the world provide smiles to ease the fears of the children of Ukraine.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, the first to suffer were Ukrainian families. Women and children fled their country as the fathers of those children stayed behind to defend their homes. The families that stayed behind, huddled underground for protection from the attack. It is easy to imagine how the turmoil affected the children. Parents were desperate to find something that might relieve the fears of their children and provide a moment of joy and wonder.

The day after the invasion, two senior citizens in North Texas had the opportunity to entertain families in Ukraine. Dr. Geoff Grimes, an English professor at Dallas College, had learned how to use ZOOM during the pandemic and was eager to offer his services. “Doc” Grimes immediately called Mike Smith, a retired family counselor and psychotherapist, to help. Both septuagenarians are magicians and are interested in how the gift of magic can enhance and improve a spectator’s psyche. This is especially true of children.

Once in their Zoom magic studio, the two “Docs” began entertaining two families (with four children) as they were scrunched up in the basement of their shared residence. Once the show began, squeals of delight could be heard as each child participated and performed with Doctor Mike and Doc Grimes, with over 6,000 miles between Dallas and Ukraine. After the show, the pair realized that this was just the beginning. They knew that other Ukrainian families were sheltering in their basements. Other Ukrainian children were refugees that also needed a “moment of magic” and the joy that it could bring. Grimes began reaching out to other magicians he knew. Grimes and Smith decided to build a website that could host videos and live ZOOM shows of magicians that Ukrainian families could enjoy during this frightening period of their lives. Soon, the website www.MagicForUkraine.org was live and it was time to find some like minded magicians willing to share their talents.

One of Grimes’ first contacts was Dal Sanders, Past President of The Society of American Magicians who, along with his wife Cinde, host the internationally syndicated television show Kartoon Circus. Sanders immediately recognized the importance of bringing the art of magic to these families and he convinced the producer, Joel Stephens and the distributor, Simul-TV to allow him to share episodes of their show, commercial free, on the website. In addition to this, The Sanders also shared their educational school shows on the site. During the pandemic lockdown, the Sanders went into the studio to film special shows that were shown in Dallas Area school in lieu of live, in person performances. These videos have never been seen outside of those few classrooms.

Also onboard was Eric Hogue, “The Magical Mayor.” Hogue is the former mayor of the city of Wylie Texas and in 2014, had partnered with Dal Sanders in the successful effort to have the United States Congress recognize magic as an art. Soon, other groups signed on including Washington Magic from Washington, DC. This group includes some of the world’s greatest magicians such as David Morey, Eric Henning, John McLaughlin, Rahaan Jackson, Kabir Khan and many others. More magicians and their acts have been added every day since the launch of the website. Any magician wanting to be part of this project can apply on the website.

“Magic for Ukraine” is a private resource providing entertainment and has been created solely by volunteer magicians on behalf and pleasure of the people of Ukraine and those who support them in their struggles. It is not affiliated with any government, commercial, political, religious, or educational organization or institution. This website is not making any political statements, for or against any government regime. We are only attempting to provide Ukrainian families a brief respite from the stress and hardships they are currently experiencing and, through the art of magic, instill a sense of hope and wonder… and maybe a moment of laughter and joy.

The website is not a solicitation of financial or substantive assistance for the Ukraine, Ukrainians, Ukrainian businesses, organizations, or institutions, the government of Ukraine, or those who support them in any way and provides no mechanism for receiving financial or any other types of substantive donations of any kind. Neither is this website a resource for entertainers featured here to advertise their services for pay or profit.

For more information, contact:
– Dal Sanders
• Email: Dal@StageMagic.com
• Phone: 214-543-1146
Or contact: Geoffery Grimes
• Phone: 972-740-3125