613MED Merges with Madison Medical Supplies

Miami-based 613MED has merged with New Jersey-based Madison Medical Supplies. Both leaders in the medical supply space, 613MED has delivered hundreds of millions of products in 2020 and looks to continue its growth with the integration of Madison Medical.

“Madison’s track record of delivering high-quality and cost-effective goods, especially throughout this pandemic, has established them as a trusted supplier throughout the tri-state area,” said 613MED Founder and CEO, Bentzi Jack Itzkowitz. “It’s a perfect fit.”

Madison’s team includes Founder and CEO, Samuel Baruki Cohen, a seasoned entrepreneur with a successful track record of building large companies including Ford Medical LLC, Kensington Vanguard Title Insurance Company, and Morningside Translations and Evaluations. Cohen will now serve as 613MED’s managing partner. 

Combined, 613MED and Madison Medical have supplied state and local governments, large hospital networks, medical providers, businesses, and school districts throughout the country – Notably: Orange County, CA, BOCES of New York State, the University of California Irvine, AdventHealth, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Westchester Medical Center, Urgent Care To Go, Lifespan Health, and many others. 

With supply and manufacturing capabilities throughout the world, 613MED offers an extensive inventory of high quality and competitively priced medical supplies. The list of products includes but is not limited to: N95 NIOSH masks, isolation gowns (levels 1-4), sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and premium daily use disposable and reusable masks. 613MED also owns sophisticated warehouses on both coasts, offering unparalleled logistical support.  

613MED believes in integrity, transparency, and the health and safety of all people. The company is proud of its many charitable efforts and asks any institution in need to please reach out. 

Source: 613MED