5 Indoor Home Games to Enjoy During Quarantine

Quarantine and COVID-19 lockdowns have you bummed? Cheer up and use these times to have fun with your family and create great memories during trying times.

What are people doing to keep themselves busy and entertained during quarantines due to COVID-19? KitSuperStore.com shared a little insight with their customer’s in their blog. Being stuck at home might be frustrating, but it all depends on how we view things. Think of this as a holiday, a time to spend with loved ones bonding and making memories. We can all make sure we come out of quarantine better than where we started. This is the perfect time for people to bond with their kids and teach them new things!

Ping Pong

Ping pong has become most people’s favorite game during the social distancing period. For starters, it’s fun and can accommodate a whole family. Games can be played to challenge spouses and kids, whereby the person with the highest score gets an award! Also, the fact that it doesn’t take much space makes it a great idea to easily set up a table area anywhere around the house.

Pool Tables

Playing pool billiards is not only fun but also super beneficial to overall well-being. Let’s be honest, it’s boring at home, especially for those that are now working from home or out of work amid the pandemic. Pool games are a great way to distract the mind while improving critical thinking skills. The game sharpens minds as it requires total concentration. Customers are taking this opportunity to teach their kids to play billiards.

Basketball Arcades

Basketball lovers really enjoy participating in a game of basketball arcades indoors. The best part about basketball arcades is it does not feature dribbling or walking around and this makes it perfect for limited spaces. These games set up in any corner of the house. It’s an ideal game for improved family bonding time, not to forget that it’s excellent for physical and mental health again as well.

Air Hockey

Even the experts suggest that playing air hockey for 30 minutes every day can improved wellness. While this is a super competitive game, it is also a perfect way to connect with loved ones. Having fun while playing is especially a great time with kids. It helps in gathering people and promotes communication because this game cannot be played alone. Customers can gather family around and have fun while boosting mental health.

Poker Tables

Poker tables are a nice addition to any home. Poker is one of the most challenging yet very entertaining games, especially when playing with friends. Playing cards during these stressful times helps clear the mind and maintain sanity. Venues are mostly all closed now during this social distancing, but customers can still enjoy their favorite games, make their own rules and teach their kids the best card games!

Source: KitSuperStore.com