5 Best College Paper Writing Services in USA: awarded by BestEssayServices [May 2021]

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99Papers – Best for Essay Writing in U.S. [May, 2021]!

In the field of online student aid, the first independent monthly award ceremony, «Best Paper Writing Awards 2021» ended in New York on 29 April 2021, in which students voted for the best paper writing and editing companies.

Best-Essay-Services.com with LegitWritingService.com determined the winner’s results through a large-scale survey. It was attended by clients as well as students who participate in the services. Some want to remain anonymous because they don’t want to show their name to get fame for publicity.

However, the best essay writing services over the 100+ writing companies are: 99Papers, PaperHelp, EssayPRO, 1Essay and EssayBOX.

Individual winner reviews are:

99Papers – Best for Essay Writing in U.S.!

It provides only a specific solution for your training tasks. The 99Papers author confirms that all their writers are scientific degree holders. The firm specialized in term papers, diplomas, influential papers, master’s, and Ph.D. theses. Indeed, eco-friendly prices and writing experiences always provide the perfect result. 99Papers stands out by using its most current sources, seeking attention to all the requirements and absolute confidentiality in their work.

PaperHelp – Best for Research Paper Writing in United States!

The PaperHelp company experts perform term papers and theses of masters, MBBS, and MBA students. The author of PaperHelp works in a massive range of disciplines. Meanwhile, the agency provides loyal prices, comprehensive packages, and timely advice on all issues.

EssayPRO – Best with Reliable and Cheapest Prices!

Since 2010, the EssayPRO has worked in the field of writing. It is a profitable and quite convenient company for all types of student assignments. The company has been a leader in student work for the past six years and famous as the best authors in the industry. EssayPRO experts provide high-quality writing services. Meanwhile, the company gets a massive number of requests in a short period.

1Essay – Best for Dissertation Writing!

1Essay solves the complex situation of students by providing timely help in the educational process. Its professional team performs custom-made tests, tasks, practice reports, writing courses, presentations, reviews, and diploma projects. The best part of choosing this firm is that they guarantee that a student will get a high score when they choose us. 1Essay gives a 100% guarantee of uniqueness and text quality of every work.

EssayBOX – Best for Courseworks writing!

It is better to choose professional services for essays and diplomas because they know all the nuances and intricacies of this field. The EssayBOX company has a professional attitude to cover the task of essays and diplomas. EssayBOX has provided its services for quite a long time and satisfied hundreds of students’ assignments through completed papers and get positive feedback. The EssayBOX company focuses on students’ requirements and maintains calibrated pricing policy while comparing various academic assignment orders.


«Best Paper Writing Awards 2021» has no partner, and it is the only international award ceremony held independently. In 2021, the award ceremony was held with the support of Best-Essay-Services.com, LegitWritingService.com, Education College center, and 1PR agencies in a digital format. Martin Colper (author of the LegitWritingService website blog) conducted the award ceremony. Martin Colper is associated with reviews and forum services that expose the assistance of scam essays.

About the award:

Online essay writing services have become the most demanding desire among all students. The demand for academic writing services increases, primarily due to covid-19 theoretical. The BestEssayService company planned to secure students from being scammed due to the high demand for these platforms after the pandemic.

It has been identified as the most conscientious, honest, and quality firm. «Best Paper Writing Awards 2021» is organized to encourage those companies who are providing quality service in the academic field.

Parameters to evaluate companies:

Turnaround time: In particular terms, the deadlines determine the success of a student’s study. However, the winning company strictly checks its turnaround time.

Legal: We diminish those services that are illegal and only aim to get student’s money. You won’t see the fraud companies on the winner list. Only those companies are considered as best ones, who take the responsibilities to complete the target with honesty and entire obligation.

Plagiarism: Every work must be unique means out of plagiarism. The winning agencies are only obliged to provide non-plagiarism content. For student’s satisfaction, the plagiarism report from paid tool must be provided for free.

The companies’ reputation: Meanwhile, the company’s reputation is based on the client’s feedback; if there is no negative feedback, they are trustworthy. All the selected firms have many positive reviews from independent forums or other resources.

Paper Quality: All the students desire to get qualitative and compelling written work. In this manner, the services meet the customer’s desire—the completed task written in the competent language according to requirement.

Eco-friendly price: The most valuable indicator is only the price. Check out its offer price first; if the company provides low cost from market competitive, it means you will get a low-quality paper, whereas if the price is too high, this is a dubious indicator.


Best Essay Service website unable to approve those students who hang all their responsibility on the third party. Righteously, cheating with teachers is unacceptable and unfair. All the students can use these services only for text editing, tutors, and proofreading purposes. The third-party work will not be misappropriated. However, you can only consider them to take the idea of structure or basis of writing. In short, consider this as an example.

The ranking of «Best Paper Writing Awards 2021» is based on the study result of BestEssayService, and through an online survey of universities and college students. The organizer of the contest posts different questionnaires on famous review sites, for instance, I!recommend, Yelp, and so on. According to statistics, students worldwide participated in the survey (more than 10000 students) — the geography of participants in Australia, America, or European countries.

BestEssayService decided to make the writing content an annual base event. It is open-up to every company that is interested in participating. Meanwhile, the result will be declared on some criteria, and not every company is included in the list of winners. Only honest and fully conscious services will get the chance to prove themselves as the best among students.