45 new enterprises, including Banks, Credit Unions, Healthcare, and IT, chooses NovelVox and CXInfinity solutions in the last 10 months

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The pandemic has accelerated the priority to have an integrated agent experience and digitally transform customer service. Extending core system access for customer information and maintaining the same quality of service level all through remote agents was the key challenge for some top customer-centric industries during the initial days of lockdown. NovelVox helped all those data-sensitive companies unify the agent experience and adopt the modern digital-first approach to enhance CX even from their remote workforce.

Core system integrations for Banking, Credit Unions, Healthcare, and other IT application is the heart of all solutions and a key USP of NovelVox and CXInfinity products.

In the last 10 months, the rapidly expanding NovelVox ensured its customers have consistent growth without compromising customer satisfaction. Its solution includes Unified Agent Desktops, Integrated Contact Center Wallboards, CTI connectors, and more.

With its newly launched brand CXInfinity, businesses can now communicate with customers across channels including social and instant messaging in real-time with the advanced and AI-powered digital omnichannel engagement platform. The solutions are optimized for each industry and unify all channels and data points on a single screen to deliver a seamless agent experience. Working with NovelVox solutions from the office floor or even with remote agents helps companies close the deals faster during the pandemic.

NovelVox & CXInfinity CEO Amit Gandhi says, “We thrive on simplifying the life of an agent and improving customer experience during any situation and at any time. AI-powered solutions of NovelVox and CXInfinity empower companies to offer more meaningful conversations and effortless experiences across channels and help them winning customers for life. I believe that’s why the leading enterprises of all major industries have recognized us as their solution partner in their digital transformation journey. Our integrated and advanced products offer seamless incorporation of technology and human touch. We are proud to partner with 45 new enterprises in the last 10 months and seize every opportunity to significantly improve their ROI, CSAT, and NPS. We have high hopes with our AI-driven omnichannel solutions that give new life and branches to a simple phone-centric world.”

About NovelVox

NovelVox is a global software company that has been developing flexible and optimized Contact Center Agent Desktops and Wallboards for Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, and Five9 for over 12 years. NovelVox has an extensive library of Cisco Finesse integrations with solutions for more than 70 applications. The Novelvox Cisco Finesse Gadget Designer is the world’s only drag and drop Finesse gadget designer, empowering companies to create their perfect agent environments as and when required. With over 200+ global deployments across verticals, including banking, telecoms, healthcare, government, education, and retail, NovelVox has the experience to create customized solutions for any industry.

NovelVox has launched CXInfinity to offer infinite scalable and flexible solutions for instant customer support, sales, and marketing over a unified console allowing a switch between channels but not screen/applications. CXInfinity is the business messaging and customer engagement platform to connect with the customer at the right time over the right channel. It’s an integrated and optimized solution that speaks of trust and technology carried for 12 years with NovelVox in the contact center industry.

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