26th Annual Black Harvest Film Festival World Premiere: “BLACK Mama Sable”

Filmmaker Okema Gunn Creates Short Film from Perspectives about the Chicago Riots, Police Brutality, Pandemic and Struggles of African-Americans

26th Annual Black Harvest Film Festival World Premiere:

Chicago, IL, November 07, 2020 –(PR.com)– “Black Mama Sable” premieres at the 26th Black Harvest Film Festival beginning on Nov. 10 through Nov. 23 as part of the “Voices of Our Time” shorts block. The 9-minute short film addresses a multitude of topics that the U.S. and world have faced in the year 2020. (Logline) After the Chicago Riots, a rebellious teenager goes to visit her mystical grandmother over the summer and discovers the origins of the struggles of African-Americans.

“Black Mama Sable” was originally a poem written by filmmaker/educator Okema
“Seven” Gunn as a response to the climate of these times and angst felt in the aftermath of several events. This story highlights a supernatural grandmother who is a community activist, counselor, griot and healer. In the story, the young teen called “Cadence,” confronts her father (Officer Rashid Taylor) about police brutality.

“Each character has a strong presence and I know people just like Black Mama
Sable, Officer Rashid Taylor, and Cadence Williams. They represent the times we live in and the hopes and struggles of 3 generations,” says Gunn. This film includes all Chicago-native cast and crew. Starring Masequa Myers, Simeon Henderson and Jada Hamilton.

“The characters were more like the people I cast than vice versa. I created the characters with these phenomenal actors in mind and I was lucky to have them. Our cast and crew was small because I took all health safety precautions with this SAG film during the pandemic,” Gunn explains.

Influences for creating the film were: education and storytelling, family legacy and identity, African-American History and African Culture/Customs, the Pandemic of 2020, the murder of George Floyd by the hands of the Minnesota police (and other deaths), protests, riots and looting.

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