​​​​​​​With World-Class Infrastructure, Krakatau Bandar Samudera Supports Krakatau Steel in Global Market

Welcoming 2021, the industrial sectors in Indonesia have begun to show enthusiasm and determination to restore the nation’s economy that was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of those sectors is the steel industry, specifically the export of commodities by the national steel company PT Krakatau Steel Tbk, which already plans to send steel products to Malaysia. In order to support the export process, PT Krakatau Bandar Samudera (KBS), a subsidiary of Krakatau Steel in the port sector, has implemented integrated logistics services to provide acceleration and security as the “SmartPort”, also being the largest dry bulk port in Indonesia.

“Yesterday, the holding company Krakatau Steel conducted its first steel export to Malaysia. Among them were Hot Rolled Coil (HRC), Hot Rolled Plate (HRP), and Hot Rolled Pickled Oil (HRPO) steel products. The shipments were made through PT Krakatau Bandar’s Cigading Port. Samudera (KBS),” said Akbar Djohan, the President Director of PT Krakatau Bandar Samudera in Jakarta (3/2/2021).

Apart from Malaysia, steel exports will also be carried out to Australia, as well as to the European continent, such as Italy and Spain. Akbar noted that PT KBS is ready to support Krakatau Steel in steel exports and contribute to the development of the national steel industry.

“We will continue to support everything needed in this steel exports for the sake of Indonesian steel industry. Not only steel, PT KBS will also be committed to continually strengthen the integration of logistics services as a Port Centric Integrated Logistic Company. Therefore, we can contribute to support other industries such as coal, minerals, and foodstuffs, such as soybeans and wheat,” Akbar added.

“For us, the optimum service is our top priority. We’d never give up handling the shipments despite the waves and bad weather at the pier, long queuing with enormous volumes of more than 30 thousand tons, and having to provide incentives to drivers and vendors who have been waiting,” he continued.

PT Krakatau Bandar Samudra also has the largest Integrated Warehouse (IWH) complex in ASEAN. It is located in the center of the industrial area and has the capacity of up to 270 thousand tons for dry bulk. This integrated dry bulk storage warehouse is built on an area of 11.6 hectares.

“IWH PT KBS has the most modern technology facilities in Indonesia. This 11.6 hectare transit warehouse is directly connected to the Continuous Ship Unloader (CSU) located at PT KBS ‘Pier 1 via a conveyor belt. KBS will always be committed to innovation. We invite all parties, both in the nation and abroad, to progressively collaborate together so we can increase added value of services to customers. With this attempt, we hope that the industry in Indonesia will continue to develop,” Akbar concluded.

Source: Krakatau Bandar Samudera